Netflix finally adds a new feature to help tidy up your homepage

We’ve all been haunted by the ghosts of Netflix past: those movies, shows, and stand-up specials that linger on in your ‘Continue Watching’ list long after you’ve added it to your virtual pile of content that you’ve given up on.

Now, there’s a way to clean up that mess. Netflix has introduced (opens in new tab) a simple yet satisfying feature: the ability to remove shows and movies from your ‘Continue Watching’ section.

Mercifully, it’s a straightforward process. All you need to do on web, mobile, or on a TV app is to head down to the ‘Continue Watching’ row on your profile’s landing page. From there, you can hover over each tile and press the ‘X’ to Remove From Row.

As a bonus, you can even tell Netflix’s almighty algorithm why you’re removing something from your list. You can mention that you like a show but don’t want to continue watching right now. If you abandoned something midway through and never want to see it again, you can give it a thumbs down. You can also unleash your inner Marie Kondo and simply remove it for the sake of tidying things up – without giving feedback.

It’s a good time to make space too. The streamer has released a new look at The Adam Project, a new time travel movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo. Jamie Dornan is also set to appear alongside Gal Gadot in a new spy thriller, while Netflix is also revving up for a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie later this month.

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