Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling try to out-mustache each other in new The Gray Man images

Netflix has revealed the first look and release date for The Gray Man, a brand new movie from the duo behind Avengers: Endgame, the Russo brothers.

New images from the movie show Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling sporting some rather distracting mustaches, with Ana de Armas donning a white jacket emblazoned with different types of flowers as fireworks go off all around her. Color us intrigued. Netflix has also announced the movie’s release date: it will reach cinemas on July 15 and make its global premiere on Netflix on July 22.

Ryan Gosling in The Gray Man

(Image credit: Netflix)

Chris Evans in The Gray Man

(Image credit: Netflix)

The Gray Man

(Image credit: Netflix)

Rege-Jean Page in The Gray Man

(Image credit: Netflix)

The Gray Man, based on the best-selling book series by Mark Greaney, stars Gosling as Court Gentry aka Sierra Six, a highly-skilled CIA black ops mercenary. When Six accidentally uncovers incriminating secrets about Agent Lloyd Hanson (Evans), a former colleague with psychopathic tendencies, Hanson puts a bounty on his head and launches a global manhunt led by international assassins. 

Billy Bob Thorton plays Six’s handler Donald Fitzroy alongside de Armas who stars as Agent Dani Miranda – a CIA operative who has Six’s back. The cast also includes Rege-Jean Page, Jessica Henwick, Dhanush, Wagner Moura, Julia Butters, Elme Ikwuakor, Michael Gandolfini, Sam Lerner, Robert Kazinsky, and Alfre Woodard.

The screenplay was penned by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the screenwriters responsible for Thor: The Dark World, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, all three Captain America films, and The Chronicles of Narnia trilogy.

With a budget of over $200 million, the espionage thriller is officially the most expensive movie that Netflix has ever made. For more exciting flicks like The Gray Man, check out our list of upcoming movies, or, for something to watch now, check out our list of the best Netflix movies.

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