New Backbone game announced for 2022 with pixel art teaser video

Backbone, the narrative adventure with beautiful pixel art and a depressed raccoon protagonist, is getting a followup game next year.

Developer EggNut revealed a brief teaser video for the new project, which rolls across a deserted city street which wouldn’t look out of place in the first Backbone, if not for all the snow. The original game took place in “dystopian Vancouver,” so this could certainly be the same overall setting at a different point in time.

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EggNut also teased that it can’t tell us whether this next project will be “a sequel or a prequel or a racing game just yet. But please know that it’s more gay.” Will you be able to kiss the goose people, who are adorably called “geezers” in the fiction, this time? There’s no way to know for sure (opens in new tab) until the new game comes out in 2022.

The first Backbone was funded via a Kickstarter campaign in May 2018, along with publishing support from Raw Fury, and it finally hit PC in June with console versions following in October. Upon arrival, Backbone was widely praised for its visual design and early segments focusing on detective work, though reactions to its later, more narrative driven chapters (and the ending in particular) were comparatively divisive.

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