New Gotham Knights gameplay shows Robins bo staff, slingshot, and teleport in action

A new Gotham Knights gameplay trailer has arrived, revealing what to expect from Robin, one of the game’s four playable protagonists.

After a bit of lamentation over being a Robin without a Batman, we see Tim Drake head into the Gotham City National Bank to stop a bunch of robbers – as you’d expect from any good superhero. The trailer moves a bit too quickly to get a specific sense of what Robin’s abilities do, but it appears that he activates an invisibility field before unleashing a flurry of bo staff strikes against his enemies. Then he fires a slingshot blast into the air that stuns those nearby foes.

The next stage of the trailer sees him don a hood and use a grappling hook to deliver a flying kick to an unaware guard. Then Robin reveals that he’s using teleportation tech from Justice League satellites to zip around mid-fight. One of these abilities sees him leaving behind a decoy that explodes when struck by an enemy. A spinning bo staff move also appears to block bullets.

The trailer ends with some big team-up moves between Robin and Nightwing. You can see it all for yourself in the video below.

Today’s trailer follows a similar format to the Nightwing showcase trailer released a few weeks ago. A more extensive gameplay showcase released in May drew a mixed response.

Gotham Knights is due to launch on October 25.

If you’re looking to don a cape and get to crusading, you can’t go wrong with any of the best superhero games.

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