New Kirby and the Forgotten Land clip shows more of brilliantly bizarre Clawroline boss fight

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has received a new video that introduces future players to boss fight Clawroline. 

Shared on the official Japanese Kirby Twitter account (opens in new tab), the roughly 30-second clip sees Kirby up against a new kind of formidable foe – an anthropomorphic leopard whose eye makeup is just as impressive as her deadly claws. 

In the video, Kirby dodges a range of attacks including some close-up claw swipes, ground pounds, powerful charges, and even projectiles. Don’t worry though, Kirby will also have a number of attacks in his arsenal as demonstrated in the latest Kirby and The Forgotten Land trailer during the February 2022 Nintendo Direct including his new Mouthful Mode technique as well as iconic suction move and melee attacks when equipped with a sword. 

「エフィリンのドキドキ発見!ディスカバ紀行」だよっ!彼女はビースト軍団の幹部「キャロライン」。柱に飛び移って次々に飛び道具を投げてくる「スリルエッジ」は、とにかく走って逃げてっ!あんな高い所から攻撃されたら手も足もでないよ…どうしよう、カービィっ!#星のカービィディスカバリー 14, 2022

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Fans won’t have to wait long to face up against Clawroline themselves as Kirby and the Forgotten Land is just a few weeks away and will arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 25, 2022. We expect we may see more short snippets like this one from now until the game’s release. 

In other Kirby news, although not officially announced by Nintendo yet, it looks as though Kirby and the Forgotten Land might have amiibo support. According to the official Japanese Nintendo store listing for the game, Kirby and the Forgotten Land “supports the following functions – amiibo.” 

It’s most likely that this means players who already own a Kirby amiibo will be able to use it in the upcoming game, however, we’re holding out hope that it also means we’ll be getting new Kirby amiibo figures soon.

Just can’t wait to reunite with the little pink blob? Find out how Kirby and the Forgotten Land hasn’t forgotten its roots but brings exciting new ideas.

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