New on Amazon Prime Video in July 2022: All the new movies and shows

Another month, another wave of new movies and shows that you should be checking out on Amazon Prime Video. In July, Chris Pratt stars in tense thriller The Terminal List, which looks to mash up the best parts of Tom Clancy’s action-filled epics. 

On the completely opposite end of the emotional spectrum (and one that’s flying a little more under the radar) is Don’t Make Me Go, starring John Cho as a terminally ill father who embarks on one more road trip with his daughter. 

Also new on Prime Video this July is House of Gucci. Come for Lady Gaga’s shining performance as the headstrong Patrizia as she dazzles her way into Maurizio Gucci’s life, stay for Jared Leto attempting something that vaguely resembles an Italian accent. 

The Terminal List – July 1

Chris Pratt as James Reece in Prime Video's The Terminal List

(Image credit: Prime Video)

After an operation in the Middle East goes awry, Navy SEAL commander James Reece (Chris Pratt) finds himself entangled in a conspiracy amid doubts over what happened during the mission. Reece, questioned by all sides, is afflicted with memory issues and must race against time to clear his name and tick off names from his ‘Terminal List’ – those he suspects are responsible. It’s shaping up to be a breakneck, breathless thriller that’s part-Bourne, part Tom Clancy.

House of Gucci – July 2

Lady Gaga in House of Gucci

(Image credit: United Artists Releasing/Universal Pictures)

While House of Gucci didn’t make the awards season splash that some suspected, Ridley Scott’s historical drama is still well worth a few hours of your time. Lady Gaga leads a stellar cast (which includes Adam Driver, Al Pacino, and Jeremy Irons) as Patrizia, a woman who becomes embroiled in a red-hot relationship with Driver’s Maurizio Gucci, the heir to the Gucci fashion throne. The movie charts the tempestuous rise and fall of the couple, which ends in a hail of bullets in Milan.

Don’t Make Me Go – July 15

John Cho in Don't Make Me Go

(Image credit: Amazon)

Don’t Make Me Go is one of those movies that only needs its elevator pitch to give you a lump in the throat. John Cho plays Max, a terminally-ill father who embarks on a road trip with his daughter to his college reunion in the hopes that he can reconcile with his ex-partner (and mother of their daughter). You’re welling up already, aren’t you? The movie hits Prime Video later this July.

Everything new on Amazon Prime Video US this July

New on Amazon Prime Video US: July 1

  • 16-Love 
  • 1UP 
  • 52 Pick-Up 
  • A Feral World 
  • A Hologram for the King
  • A Very Brady Sequel 
  • Adventure Boyz 
  • Aeon Flux 
  • Ali 
  • All Roads to Pearla 
  • Alternatino With Arturo Castro
  • As Long as We Both Shall Live 
  • Attack of the Unknown 
  • Awaken The Shadowman 
  • Barry Munday 
  • Betrayed 
  • Blown Away 
  • Blue Jay 
  • Body of Evidence 
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s 
  • Broadway Danny Rose 
  • Cadillac Man 
  • Call of the Wolf 
  • Cedar Rapids 
  • Changeland 
  • Chasing Molly 
  • Clueless 
  • Coffy 
  • Cotton Comes to Harlem 
  • Coyotaje 
  • Criminal Law 
  • Cruel Hearts
  • Cruiser 
  • Dark Blue 
  • Dark Waters
  • Dave Made A Maze 
  • DC Noir 
  • Dead Ringers 
  • Drillbit Taylor 
  • Easy Does It 
  • Europa Report 
  • Eye Of The Needle 
  • Four Feathers 
  • Forev 
  • French Postcards 
  • Frisky (2015)
  • Futureworld 
  • Gino’s Wife 
  • Gladiator 
  • Good Neighbors 
  • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 
  • Here Comes the Devil 
  • High-Rise 
  • Hobo with a Shotgun 
  • Hot Dog…The Movie 
  • Hot Fuzz 
  • In Action 
  • Infinitum: Subject Unknown 
  • Internal Affairs
  • Into the Blue 
  • Iris Warriors 
  • Jacob’s Ladder 
  • Jamie Marks Is Dead 
  • Jennifer’s Body 
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  • John Dies at the End 
  • Kiltro 
  • Lincoln 
  • Little Man Tate 
  • Loves Spell 
  • Lust For Love 
  • Mandela 
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Moments in Spacetime 
  • No Way to Live 
  • Party With Me 
  • Patriot Games 
  • Pieces of April 
  • Play the Game
  • Pretty Ugly People
  • Racing With The Moon 
  • Raging Bull 
  • Revolutionary Road 
  • Rosemary’s Baby 
  • Runner 
  • Say Your Prayers 
  • Slash 
  • Son of God 
  • Speed 
  • Stay 
  • Stuff 
  • Sunset Song 
  • Swiped 
  • Switchback 
  • The Arbors 
  • The Fighter 
  • The Fighting Temptations 
  • The General’s Daughter 
  • The Gospel According to Andre 
  • The Honor Farm 
  • The Hunted 
  • The Italian Job 
  • The Mongolian Connection 
  • The Pirates! Band Of Misfits 
  • The Posthuman Project 
  • The Queen of Versailles 
  • The Republic of Two 
  • The Rest of Us 
  • The Sum of All Fears 
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley 
  • The Time Machine 
  • The Terminal List
  • Tucked 
  • Unicorn City 
  • Venus and Serena 
  • Virtuosity 
  • Wargames 
  • We Love You, Sally Carmichael! 
  • We Take The Low Road 
  • When Icarus Fell
  • Yentl 

New on Amazon Prime Video US: July 2

  • House of Gucci

New on Amazon Prime Video US: July 8

  • Warriors on the Field

New on Amazon Prime Video US: July 15

  • Don’t Make Me Go
  • Forever Summer: Hamptons

New on Amazon Prime Video US: July 22

  • Anything’s Possible
  • Prizefighter

New on Amazon Prime Video US: July 29

  • Paper Girls

Everything new on Amazon Prime Video UK this July

New on Amazon Prime Video UK: July 1

  • The Terminal List

New on Amazon Prime Video UK: July 15

  • Don’t Make Me Go
  • James May: Our Man in Italy

New on Amazon Prime Video UK: July 29

  • Paper Girls

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