New PlayStation studio Haven’s cloud tech is attracting the attention of the chief PS5 architect

The Jade Raymond-led Haven Studio has attracted the attention of the PS5’s main architect.

Speaking to (opens in new tab) earlier today on July 11, Jade Raymond spoke about the work the newly-acquired PlayStation studio is doing with the cloud, and how they’re setting themselves up for long-term success with research and development surrounding the cloud. 

“So [Mark Cerny] is one of the main reasons we’re investing so much in R&D, and in this very senior engineering team,” Raymond reveals. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Cerny was the lead systems architect behind not only the PS5, but also the PS4 before it.

“It’s not just tied to cloud but also some more forward-thinking R&D,” Raymond continues. “I’m not able to say too much now, but that’s obviously one of the other things that’s been a big attractor and is exciting to our team with PlayStation. Of course Mark Cerny is kind of like a rockstar, too, so being able to collaborate with him is really exciting.

Elsewhere in the interview, Raymond reveals former Rainbow Six Siege technical architect Jalal El Mansouri joined Haven Studio just a matter of weeks ago. “And the fact that Jalal is joining… there are a lot of bold ideas that we’re looking forward to exploring,” Raymond teases.

Outside of this, we only know Haven Studio is working on a live service game under PlayStation, exclusively for the PS5. Raymond revealed as much earlier this year in March, when the then-independent developer announced it would officially be acquired by PlayStation. Between this and the move to acquire Bungie, PlayStation is going big on live service games over the next few years. 

Here’s a look into why Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired Haven Studios

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