New Splatoon 3 screenshots make Splatsville look huge

Nintendo has released a series of new Splatoon 3 screenshots as we get closer to that highly anticipated September release date. 

Shared via the Japanese Splatoon Twitter (opens in new tab) account, Nintendo shared three new screenshots from the upcoming game along with the caption: (Translated via DeepL translator) “A number of mysterious structures have been identified in the space called Alterna. They are shaped like something, but they all look as if they have been broken off in the middle. What do these things mean?”

オルタナと呼ばれる空間には、謎の構造物が多数確認されている。何かを模したような形をしているが、どれも途中で途切れてしまったような見た目をしている……。これらは一体何を意味するのだろうか? 30, 2022

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The screenshots are just as vague as the tweet that accompanied them but all feature an Inkling looking out onto an intricate post-apocalyptic-inspired location. Each area has a number of floating platforms which looks as if it requires the little squid kids to be more agile than ever as they splat their way through each course.

There’s also been some chatter in the replies of the tweet with fans questioning what some of the new items in the screenshots mean. With one fan asking why one Inkling has a large water bottle attached to their back (opens in new tab) – before coming to the conclusion that it must be an ink tank – another wondering what one of the floating platforms is (opens in new tab), and another pointing out that the second screenshot features famous statues (opens in new tab) such as Michelangelo’s David and others. 

Thankfully, we really don’t have to wait too much longer before getting to try out these new courses for ourselves. As announced last month, Splatoon 3 is due to release on September 9, 2022 – with pre-orders for the sequel already live. 

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