Nope: First trailer for Jordan Peele’s new movie teases a horror mystery waiting to be unravelled

Oh, yes. The Super Bowl trailer for Jordan Peele’s new horror movie, Nope, is here – and it’s shaping up to be every bit a mind-twisting, hide-behind-the-couch masterpiece as his previous two works.

Just… what is going on in Nope? Here’s what we do know from the cryptic trailer: Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya play “the only Black-owned horse trainers in Hollywood.” Then, as Palmer’s character is having the time of her life, dancing away, things get weird.

There’s something in the sky in the trailer, lurking just out of sight. Is it an Eldritch horror? Or something else entirely? Whatever the dark cloud really is, it’s grabbing everyone’s attention. This is a trailer keeping everything under wraps and letting internet detectives do their thing.

A prior 30-second video, titled “From Jordan Peele”, has already recounted why we should be excited about Nope. In it, Peele’s extensive horror footprint is recapped, all while a sizzle reel of some of the best (and most unsettling) moments from the seminal Get Out and 2019’s Us.

Peele may be directing some of the freshest, most relevant horror out there, but it seems his acting days are behind him.

“I feel like I got to do so much and it is a great feeling,” Peele said at the ActBlue fundraiser (via THR (opens in new tab)) last year. “When I think about those great moments when you’re basking in something you said that feels funny. When I think about all that, I think I got enough.”

Nope is set for release on July 22, 2022. For more on what’s to come this year, check out our movie release dates guide.

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