One of the best strategy games of the last decade is back for more

Into the Breach is getting brand new content via an “Advanced Edition” update next month, alongside a mobile version via Netflix Games.

Yesterday on June 23, Subset Games surprised just about everyone with the announcement of Into the Breach: Advanced Edition. You can check out the debut trailer for the re-release just below, which is launching next month on July 19 across all platforms, completely free of charge for anyone who already owns the base game.

Bundled into the Advanced Edition update is new content for just about every aspect of Into the Breach. There’s brand new Mech Squads to deploy and tinker with, new combat abilities to play around with, new missions to undertake, and even brand new monstrous Vex threats to contend with, complete with unique attacks.

For veterans of the excellent turn-based strategy game, there’s even a brand new difficulty mode to get stuck into. In fact, the Twitter (opens in new tab) announcement from Subset Games promises even more content in the Advanced Edition of Into the Breach, which the studio hasn’t pulled the cover back on quite yet.

As for the mobile version of Into the Breach, the Advanced Edition will be available for both iOS and Android devices on July 19. It’ll be launching via Netflix, which means it’ll be available immediately for all paying members of the subscription service at no extra cost, and won’t leave out any content from the console versions of Into the Breach: Advanced Edition.

Finally, there’s the physical version of Into the Breach for the Nintendo Switch to look forward to. This edition, which is going to be published by Fangamer, is slated to launch at some point later this year, and will bundle in all content included in the Advanced Edition, as well as a poster, alternate box art design, game manual, and two sticker sheets starring mechs and Vex.

Into the Breach

(Image credit: Subset Games)

Whew, what a treat for fans of Into the Breach. If you haven’t tried out the strategy title from Subset Games, we can’t recommend it highly enough – marching your way across tiled boards with unique mech weaponry to splatter monstrous alien foes just never gets old, and now it looks like there’ll be even more variables to keep your pilots on their toes come next month.

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