Overwatch 2 devs outline Ranked Play, hero changes, and more

Overwatch 2 devs have released a blog post on the new beta, commenting on Ranked Play, hero balances, the new scoreboard, and more.

The new blog post (opens in new tab) was published by developer Blizzard on May 3. It kicks off by reassuring players that aspects like hero designs, menu screens, player profiles, and more are still a work in progress, and aren’t finalized for the final game launch just yet.

Next, the developer confirms that Ranked Play won’t be coming to the Overwatch 2 beta at any point. Quick Play is currently the only matchmaking service available in the new beta for Blizzard’s shooter, and the developer reveals that this is a very deliberate choice, and won’t be changing at any point further down the line.

Additionally, there’s a balance patch coming to the Overwatch 2 beta later this week. The blog post reveals that while Blizzard is happy with how the vast majority of heroes are balancing out, there are unfortunately a few outliers which need remedying. Although the heroes aren’t actually named, it’s a relief they’ll be brought back in line later this week.

Finally, the blog post reveals the developer deliberately chose to retire the Fire and Medal systems from the Overwatch 2 scoreboard. The scoreboard has already drawn polarizing remarks from players worldwide, and Blizzard reassures players that it’s very much still a work in progress, and will be adding a new “Damage Mitigated” stat in the near future.

It’s a healthy list of changes and updates for the new Overwatch 2 beta, and it’s good to see that Blizzard is already listening to player feedback merely a few days after launch. So far, the Overwatch 2 beta is fun, but it feels more like Overwatch 1.5 than a massive step up from the first game.

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