Overwatch 2 fans think a beta is imminent after a substantial dev update

An Overwatch 2 beta could be on its way if susbstantial dev update is anything to go by.

As spotted by @Helba_The_AI (opens in new tab) on Twitter (via BlizzTrack (opens in new tab)), it looks as if Blizzard may be preparing to release a beta version of Overwatch 2. As highlighted by the tracking website, the dev version of Overwatch was updated from 1.68 to 2.0 on Battle.net yesterday, February 3, which has left some fans theorizing that this is something to do with testing the highly anticipated sequel. 

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One comment on Reddit (opens in new tab) explained what this could mean perfectly, saying: “The current internal version that Overwatch is running on is 1.68. This was previously what the dev version, the private test version the developers use to finalize upcoming content, was running on as well. Earlier today, that build was updated past the 2.0 designation. It obviously makes very little sense for them to jump straight from 1.68 to 2.0, if not for [Blizzard] testing for Overwatch 2.”

The timing of this update does line up with Blizzard’s comments from September 2021 where it confirmed that an early Overwatch 2 build will debut at OWL 2022. The Overwatch League 2022 is due to kick off in April so it makes sense that the developers could be testing out an early build of Overwatch 2 a couple of months before the event. 

This would also link to the recent claims that Overwatch 2 release date could release in Q2 2022 – meaning some time between April and June. It was previously reported that Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 had been pushed out of 2022 so they reach their “full potential”, however according to the report which stated Q2 2022 would be when we get a release date, “getting [Overwatch 2] out as soon as possible was now a high priority.” It’s also worth noting that while a full release might not arrive this year, a substantial beta could still fit the bill.

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