Overwatch 2 features an improved scoreboard – but not everyones happy about it

Overwatch 2 has an entirely new scoreboard, and some players are a little wary of the change.

Just yesterday on April 26, Overwatch 2 kicked off its limited PvP beta on PC. Players delving into the new demo found out that the sequel has an entirely redesigned in-game scoreboard, as you can see below, displaying player stats like damage dealt, health healed, deaths, assists, and eliminations while a match rolls on.

However, players a little bit hesitant at the change to the scoreboard. A more expansive scoreboard in Overwatch 2 could lead to more griefing against players that aren’t doing so well, some of the replies to the subreddit post just above claim, saying some will undoubtedly get “flamed” over it.

Additionally, some players believe there should be a stat reflecting how much healing a player has received from others. The thinking around this stat appears to be based on who’s been supported by their teammates the most, presumably so no one can get too cocky at the top of the scoreboard.

In all, there’s definitely a mixed feeling from Overwatch 2 players towards the new scoreboard system. Some are voicing concerns that it might even be a little too detailed and confusing to read, but since this is Overwatch 2’s first public playtest in the beta phase, there should be plenty of time for Blizzard to make the appropriate changes they feel are necessary before the game eventually launches.

Check out our guide on how to get into the Overwatch 2 beta if you’re looking to get in on the action.

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