Overwatch 2 still has “sextuple kill” lines, and players are debating how to pull it off in 5v5

Overwatch 2 is dropping from the 6v6 battles of its predecessor down to 5v5, but players have discovered that the congratulatory “sextuple kill” line is still in the beta.

Reddit user ODMtesseract posted a clip of the line in the Overwatch subreddit (opens in new tab) under the label ‘mildly interesting’, and it’s living up to that moniker. The clip comes from training mode, showing the player knocking out six training bots in a row, resulting in the usual line for a “sextuple kill”. That’s a bit weird in a 5v5 game, but it’s not technically impossible.

In a standard match, you could get six kills if there was a Mercy on the opposing team. Kill four players, wait for Mercy to resurrect one of them, then beat them both for the sextuple award. That could even lead to a septuple kill, but there’s no voice line to celebrate such a rare accomplishment.

You could also theoretically pick up a sextuple kill in a deathmatch mode or a custom game – and, in further theory, it could be a factor in Overwatch 2’s eventual PvE modes.

The sextuple kill line is now effectively a leftover from the original game. We’ll see if it makes it into the wide early access release on October 4, but there’s no reason to remove it. Perhaps there’s an argument to be made for including lines for septuple kills, or even higher streaks, but getting an actor into the booth to record lines for such rare accomplishments probably isn’t the highest priority for a game that’s already suffered so many delays.

If you want to find out how to get into the Overwatch 2 beta, you can follow that link.

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