Overwatch 2s Bastion can now super-jump to reach his own sniper nests

Overwatch 2 reworks Bastion to give him a new grenade option, and as of the latest beta version you can now use that grenade to super-jump into locations that would’ve previously been inaccessible for the character.

The technique was discovered by content creator McMagicMarv, and you can see it in action in the video below. It’s simple, though the timing is very specific – you fire a grenade straight up into the air, then just as the weapon’s cooldown refreshes and the explosive hits the ground, you fire another grenade at your feet. One big double boom and you’re flying through the air to previously unreachable locations.

This new bit of movement tech only became possible as part of the new beta launched on June 28. As revealed in the patch notes (opens in new tab), Bastion’s grenade has had its cooldown reduced from ten to eight seconds, which is just enough time to pull off the trick.

Getting into surprising new locations could give Bastion a major advantage, but the fact that this trick requires eight seconds of standing more or less perfectly still certainly limits its versatility. As it stands, players broadly seem to think (opens in new tab) it’s (opens in new tab) pretty (opens in new tab) cool (opens in new tab), and barring any more serious exploits, they’re hopeful it remains in the game.

Not every change in the new beta has proven so popular, however, as Mercy’s adjustments have proven pretty controversial. At least Junker Queen is here to ease our sorrows.

Blizzard has confirmed Overwatch 2 will fully replace the original game at launch, but your currency and loot box contents will transfer over.

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