Persona publisher Atlus wants your thoughts on what platforms youd like to play a “sequel” on

If you love Persona but prefer your Xbox console over PC or PlayStation-flavored systems, this one’s for you, as publisher Atlus is currently surveying players to see what consoles they’d prefer to play the next numbered Persona sequel on.

As spotted by Windows Central (opens in new tab), Atlus has reached out to Japanese and – for the first time – English-speaking players (opens in new tab) to gather their views via a whole range of questions that delve into their preferences.

While the survey itself isn’t that exciting – not least because it takes around 45 minutes to complete! – Q38 has caught the eye of Persona fans.

“If a sequel (numbered entry) in the following game series was to be released, what platform would you want to play it on?” the survey asks. The options given are PS4, PS5, PSVR, Switch, smartphones, and – a console that has never hosted any of the mainline Persona games thus far – Xbox. 

【Atlus Survey 2022 for North American territories】From Atlus to our dear fans: Please take part in our annual survey! #atlus 13, 2022

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There’s no guarantee this’ll lead to anything of course, but if you’d like to add your thoughts so Atlus knows what you’d prefer, the survey is open now. Be quick, though – it closes later today on Sunday, May 15, so don’t hang about!

ICYMI, Sega says it plans on releasing more remakes, remasters, and spinoffs in the fiscal year ending March 2023 (opens in new tab). As for what titles specifically are being remade, remastered, or spinoff-ed – well, that’s still a tad unclear and while we’ve heard a pretty reliable rumor about a multiplatform remaster of Persona 3 (opens in new tab), that remains unconfirmed for now. 

Not spent much time with Persona? “The best Persona games stand alone. After all, the first game, released way back in ’96 for the PSOne, does not look anything like what we’ve since come to expect from the stylish JRPG series,” we say in our best Persona games (opens in new tab) round-up. 

“It established most of the core features we now enjoy – not least its horror elements, social links with teammates, and intuitive combat systems – but the best Persona games today are the ones that throw caution to the wind with vibrant color schemes and the funkiest of funky music.”

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