PlayStation Discord features are going live now – heres how to set them up

PlayStation Discord integration is going live in the US now, and you may be able to link up your accounts now if you’re in one of the early waves.

The new integration (opens in new tab), which was announced last year, allows users to display their PSN account name and current PS4 or PS5 game activity on their Discord profile, if they so desire. It doesn’t bring Discord’s communication features to PlayStation systems – no joining a voice room or pinging your server from your PS5 – but it will still be handy for keeping up with what friends are playing regardless of where they’re playing it.

To see if you’re eligible to link your PlayStation and Discord accounts, just head to your Discord settings menu and select Connections. If you see a PlayStation Network icon, you’re in. Log in to your PSN account on the next page and you’ll start syncing up. 

You can display just your PSN profile name if you prefer, or you can go all the way by showing what you’re playing too. Just keep in mind that your PlayStation profile must have both its PSN Online Status and Now Playing visibility options set to “Anyone” for it to work with the Discord activity display.

Discord says the new PlayStation integration is starting with a phased rollout in the US and additional countries will follow next week.

PlayStation also announced a different kind of integration earlier today: Sony is buying Bungie for $3.6 billion, though the company will keep putting out Destiny 2 and future games on multiple platforms.

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