PlayStations latest acquisition just made an acquisition of its own

PlayStation Studios got even more than we had thought when Firesprite joined the family, as the newly-acquired studio has just revealed it has purchased Fabrik Games.

Firesprite made the announcement on its official site (opens in new tab) today, revealing that it had brought Fabrik Games into the fold “in connection with Firesprite joining PlayStation Studios.” The two studios previously worked together on first-person horror game The Persistence (which prominently featured VR in its PS4 and PC versions). On top of that, Firesprite’s managing director Graeme Ankers is also the founder of Fabrik, and the connections go deeper still.

“We have a history working and collaborating closely with Firesprite,” Fabrik studio head Errol Ismail said. “There’s a huge amount of creative and cultural alignment already and the entire team is excited to be on board. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’re capable of.”

With Fabrik officially part of Firesprite, that brings the new PlayStation studio’s headcount up to an impressive 265, with several more openings currently being advertised. We still don’t know what it’s first project under the official Sony umbrella will be, though the studio has a good deal of VR and AR expertise between The Persistence and its work on The Playroom. Maybe we’ll see more when Sony’s ready to properly unveil PSVR 2 and its new slate of games, which the rumors say will be some time in early 2022.

While we’re waiting to see what Firesprite gets up to next, you can see what new titles we’re already excited about with our guide to upcoming PS5 games.

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