Pokemon Arceus Legends players are getting creative with their hacks

Pokemon Legends Arceus players are sharing workarounds to manipulate their mounts in certain ways.

For example, the incredibly popular post on the Pokemon Legends Arceus subreddit appeared earlier this week. In the brief clip, a player demonstrates that you can cross water easily by literally walking on top of certain Pokemon, thus eliminating the need to unlock Basculegion.

Next, a player proves that you can manipulate Braviary’s flight patterns very easily. While you’re flying with your feathered friend, you can hold down the Y button, press right on the d-pad twice, press the A button, then press right on the d-pad again to have your Braviary constantly ascend, reaching higher vantage points that you wouldn’t normally be able to access.

Finally, and perhaps most usefully, a player demonstrates how to maintain your altitude while flying with a Braviary. By simply tapping the B button while flying with Braviary, you can actually get the bird to maintain its altitude and trajectory, carrying you over vastly greater distances than you’d normally be able to reach by flying with the creature.

These are some pretty damn nifty discoveries from the Pokemon Legends Arceus player base. We’ve got no clue how the second player in particular managed to discover the method to rise upwards with Braviary, but we salute them for their dedication nonetheless. It’ll be worth keeping an eye on the subreddit over the coming weeks, to see if any other intricate workarounds and tricks pop up.

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