All Pokemon Black and White item locations

Any Pokemon Black and White item location is worth knowing – what you find, you might need. If you don’t need it, you can still use it. If you don’t use it, you can sell it. And even if you don’t sell it, you can brag to all your other friends that you have it, which is nice. So whether you’re looking for TMs, evolutionary items or more, we’ve laid out where to find all the best items in Pokemon Black and White below.

Note: Some items that are readily and widely available for purchase (Potion, Repel etc) have been left off this list. In some cases, not every method of obtaining each item is listed. Dream World information will be added when the site launches outside of Japan. Last update: Mar 10, 2011

Check out our Pokemon Black and White post-game guide for what you can do when everything else is done.


TM01 Hone Claws – Cold Storage (post game, from sage Zinzolin)
TM02 Dragon Claw – Victory Road 3F
TM03 Psyshock – Giant Chasm (Forest)
TM04 Calm Mind – Relic Castle (post-game, from sage Ryoku)
TM05 Roar – Route 10
TM06 Toxic – Route 17
TM07 Hail – Mistralton City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM08 Bulk Up – Route 14 (post-game, from sage Giallo after encountering in Dragonspiral Tower)
TM09 Venoshock – Route 15
TM10 Hidden Power – Nuvema Town (from Professor Juniper after seeing at least 100 Pokemon)
TM11 Sunny Day – Mistralton City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM12 Taunt – Victory Road outside 2F to far east
TM13 Ice Beam – Giant Chasm (Forest)
TM14 Blizzard – Icirrus City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM15 Hyper Beam – Shopping Mall Nine (Route 9)
TM16 Light Screen – Nimbasa City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM17 Protect – Professor Juniper (gift)
TM18 Rain Dance – Mistralton City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM19 Telekinesis – Route 18
TM20 Safeguard – Nimbasa City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM21 Frustration – Nimbasa City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM22 SolarBeam – Pinwheel Forest
TM23 Smack Down – Battle Subway (36 BP)
TM24 Thunderbolt – P2 Laboratory (outside)
TM25 Thunder – Icirrus City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM26 Earthquake – Relic Castle 1F
TM27 Return – Nimbasa City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM28 Dig – Route 4 inside healing house from NPC
TM29 Psychic – Route 13 (requires Strength)
TM30 Shadow Ball – Relic Castle B2F
TM31 Brick Break – Icirrus City (old woman inside Pokemon Center)
TM32 Double Team – Route 18 (post-game, from sage Rood after encountering in Castelia City)
TM33 Reflect – Nimbasa City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM34 Sludge Wave – Battle Subway (48 BP)
TM35 Flamethrower – Abundant Shrine
TM36 Sludge Bomb – Route 8
TM37 Sandstorm – Mistralton City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM38 Fire Blast – Icirrus City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM39 Rock Tomb – Desert Resort
TM40 Aerial Ace – Mistralton City runway (talk to boy in house north of Pokemon Center after earning the Jet Badge)
TM41 Torment – Route 4
TM42 Facade – Route 8 (from Parasol Girl)
TM43 Flame Charge – Tubeline Bridge (from NPC)
TM44 Rest – Castelia City (from hiker in Castelia Street building 11F)
TM45 Attract – Castelia City (from girl in southeastern building, 47F, in area north of Central Plaza)
TM46 Thief – Wellspring Cave (requires Surf)
TM47 Low Sweep – Wellspring Cave (requires Surf)
TM48 Round – Battle Subway (36 BP)
TM49 Echoed Voice – Nimbasa City Musical Hall (from NPC)
TM50 Overheat – Route 11 (requires Waterfall)
TM51 Ally Switch – Battle Subway (48 BP)
TM52 Focus Blast – Wellspring Cave (requires Surf)
TM53 Energy Ball – Route 12
TM54 False Swipe – Nuvema Town (from Professor Juniper after seeing at least 30 Pokemon)
TM55 Scald – Cold Storage (near entrance)
TM56 Fling – Route 9 upon exiting Tubeline Bridge
TM57 Charge Beam – Route 7 (from NPC by south entrance)
TM58 Sky Drop – Mistralton City (runway area)
TM59 Incinerate – Battle Subway (48 BP)
TM60 Quash – Battle Subway (48 BP)
TM61 Will-O-Wisp – Celestial Tower
TM62 Acrobatics – Prize for defeating Mistralton Gym
TM63 Embargo – Dragonspiral Tower (outer area)
TM64 Explosion – Battle Subway (48 BP)
TM65 Shadow Claw – Celestial Tower
TM66 Payback – Route 16 (requires Strength)
TM67 Retaliate – Prize for defeating Nacrene Gym
TM68 Giga Impact – Shopping Mall Nine (Route 9)
TM69 Rock Polish – Chargestone Cave (post-game, from sage Broniusafter encountering in Castelia City)
TM70 Flash – Castelia City (Narrow Street from guy behind dumpster)
TM71 Stone Edge – Challenger’s Cave B2F
TM72 Volt Switch – Prize for defeating Nimbasa Gym
TM73 Thunder Wave – Nimbasa City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM74 Gyro Ball – Nimbasa City Pokemon Center (buy)
TM75 Swords Dance – Dreamyard (post-game, from sage Gorm after encountering in Pinwheel Forest)
TM76 Struggle Bug – Prize for defeating Castelia Gym
TM77 Psych Up – Battle Subway (48 BP)
TM78 Bulldoze – Gift from Clay outside Chargestone Cave
TM79 Frost Breath – Prize for defeating Iccirus Gym
TM80 Rock Slide – Mistralton Cave 2F
TM81 X-Scissor – Route 7 (east)
TM82 Dragon Tail – Opelucid Gym prize
TM83 Work Up – Prize for defeating Striation Gym
TM84 Poison Jab – Route 6 (requires Surf)
TM85 Dream Eater – Dreamyard basement
TM86 Grass Knot – Pinwheel Forest
TM87 Swagger – Battle Subway (36 BP)
TM88 Pluck – Battle Subway (36 BP)
TM89 U-turn – Route 13 (Dropped by Wingull after returning all three grams – one is south of Wingull on the cliff, the old man nearby has one, and south of him the southernmost parasollady has one)
TM90 Substitute – Twist Mountain (accessible in Winter only)
TM91 Flash Cannon – Twist Mountain (east of Ice Rock)
TM92 Trick Room – Abundant Shrine
TM93 Wild Charge – Victory Road outside to far west after dropping down ledge by Pokemon ranger
TM94 Rock Smash – Pinwheel Forest (from NPC in outer area)
TM95 Snarl – Castelia City (after giving Mr. Lock the Lock Capsule)


HM01 Cut – Striation City (received from Fennel during story)
HM02 Fly – Driftveil City (received from Bianca during story)
HM03 Surf – Route 7 (received from Alder during story)
HM04 Strength – Nimbasa City (from NPC in building north of Battle Institute)
HM05 Waterfall – Route 18
HM06 Dive – Undella Town (NPC south of Cynthia’s house)

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