Pokemon could get the Super Nintendo World treatment following new partnership

The Pokemon Company and Universal Studios Japan have announced a new partnership with “the first release scheduled to appear in 2022.”

Announced today via a tweet from Universal Studios Japan (opens in new tab), a statement  (translated via DeepL translator) read: “Breaking news! Today, we announced a partnership with Pokemon Co. Multiple development projects are currently underway. The first of which is scheduled to launch in 2022! Stay tuned for more news on this project that will challenge the creation of new entertainment!”

Alongside this announcement, the Osaka-based theme park also released a statement on its website (opens in new tab) that featured more context towards this new partnership. President and CEO of Universal Studios Japan, J.L. Bonnier alongside President and CEO of The Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara shared that “the first collaborative project from the alliance is expected to join the park by the end of 2022, and will be followed by new experiences that will exceed everyone’s expectations.”

This will be the second Nintendo IP to make its way to Universal Studios Japan following the development of Super Nintendo World in the park. Originally opening in March 2021, Super Nintendo World has become such a hit that Universal Studios has already begun expanding the park. 

Not only is there now development on a Super Nintendo World in both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando, but the Japanese park is also growing with the addition of a Donkey Kong area in Super Nintendo Worldrumored for months prior to its official announcement – which will apparently expand the Nintendo theme park by 70%. 

We can’t wait to see how The Pokemon Company will integrate at the theme park; however, until then, you can watch an in-depth tour of Super Nintendo World in its current state.  

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