How to get a Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass and how it works so you can raid from a distance

The Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass is a nifty item that lets players participate in Raids from anywhere. And we mean anywhere. Pokemon Go trainers can battle a Legendary Pokemon from their couch or in the middle of the woods thanks to a Remote Raid Pass. 

Of course, this was introduced by Niantic during the height of the pandemic when meeting up with large groups of people was not encouraged. However, as restrictions have eased, the opposite has happened to access to Remote Raid Passes. We’ll get into that more in a bit, but for now this is everything trainers need to know about Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass

A Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass, as we stated above, is an item that allows trainers to participate in Raids from anywhere. Used like a normal Raid Pass, trainers can use these to enter a Raid and battle Pokemon. You only need one to battle, but there are some drawbacks. The power of your Pokemon is weakened when you’re using a Remote Raid Pass – one way Niantic incentivizes trainers going out to meet with others – and is a bit limited in where you can use it.

Of course, trainers can use it in Raids near their location. Simply pressing the “Nearby” screen in the bottom right corner will allow you to see which Raids are available. However, the best part of Remote Raids are when you’re invited to one by a friend. If a friend invites you to a Raid, you are automatically transported to their Raid if you accept and have a Remote Raid Pass in hand. This is a great way to participate in a Raid from anywhere in the world.

It should be noted that only five trainers who are using a Remote Raid Pass can be in the same Raid at one time. 

 How to get a Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass 

The access to these passes has been limited. During the height of the pandemic, trainers could get one every day for one PokeCoin. This was a great way to be sure you had one in hand.

Niantic has since gotten rid of this daily perk and now trainers can purchase one in the in-game shop for 100 coins or a pack of three for 300 – down from 250. 

There are also special events or ways to get these items but they are now few and far between. We suggest checking the Pokemon Go social channels for any updates on where to get more.

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