Pokemon Go Tapu Koko Raid counters and best moveset

These Pokemon Go Tapu Koko Raid Guide Counters will help you defeat one of the four Legendary Tapus During the Pokemon Go Alola to Alola Event. Tapu Koko is one of the most recognizable and powerful of the Tapus and Pokemon Go trainers have another chance to add one to their team via Five-Star Raids in the event.

With a unique typing and power, Tapu Koko will be one of the most desirable Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go. With all that in mind, here’s a handy guide on everything trainers need to know about Tapu Koko including the best counters and what moves trainers can expect it to use in battle.

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Pokemon Go Tapu Koko Counters

Tapu Koko is an Electric and Fairy-type making it weak to just Ground and Poison-type moves. There is just one viable Mega Pokemon option of both the Ground and Poison typing, currently in Pokemon Go.

Mega Steelix is great for trainers looking to bring a Ground team into battle with Tapu Koko. While Steelix doesn’t have the best moves–it doesn’t have a Ground-type Fast Attack–it does have access to Earthquake and can still boost the moves of your team. Also, its typing will resist all of Tapu Koko’s attacks.

Mega Beedrill will take advantage of Tapu Koko’s Poison weakness and has access to a plethora of moves to weaken the Legendary. Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb are great moves to hit Tapu Koko hard, but it having access to Drill Run gives Beedrill another attacking option. However, be aware that Mega Beedrill is a glass cannon and probably won’t last too long in battle.

As for other options, Rhyperior, Excadrill, Landorus, Groudon and Garchomp are great Ground-type options to take into battle. Roserade is another Poison-type option that has a high attack stat. 

Here’s a list of viable options to take into battle against Tapu Koko.

Tapu Koko Counters Pokemon Moveset Mega SteelixIron Tail and EarthquakeMega BeedrillPoison Jab and Sludge Bomb/Drill RunRhyperiorMud Slap and EarthquakeExcadrillMud Slap and EarthquakeLandorusMud Shot and EarthquakeGroudonMud Shot and EarthquakeRoseradePoison Jab and Sludge BombGarchompMud Shot and Earth PowerKrookodileMud Slap and EarthquakeGolurkMud Slap and Earth Power

Pokemon Go Tapu Koko

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Tapu Koko Moveset 

Tapu Koko’s Fast Attacks consist of the Electric-type Volt Switch and the Normal-type Quick Attack. Ground types will excel against Tapu Koko’s Volt Switch, but Steel and Rock types like Rhyperior, Steelix and Excadrill will resist both attacks.

Roserade’s Grass typing does resist Tapu Koko’s Electric-type moves, but won’t resist Quick Attack. 

As for Tapu Koko’s Charged Attacks, Thunderbolt and Thunder are the Legendary’s main STAB attacks. Again, Pokemon like Rhyperior, Steelix, Excadrill and Roserade will resist them. Rock and Steel types will also resist Tapu Koko’s Brave Bird Charged Attack. Its Flying typing does hit Mega Beedrill and Roserade super effectively.

Dazzling Gleam is Tapu Koko’s one Fairy-type move and will damage Pokemon like Rhyperior and Groudon neutrally. It will also deal super effective damage against other Ground types like Garchomp and Krookodile, so be aware of which moves the Legendary has. Steel and Poison types like Steelix, Excadrill, Mega Beedrill and Roserade all resist Dazzling Gleam.

Steelix and Excadrill are the two Pokemon that actually resists all of Tapu Koko’s attacks so it may be useful to bring them into battle. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the moves Tapu Koko can know in Pokemon Go.

Fast Attack Charged Attack Volt SwitchThunderboltQuick AttackDazzling GleamBrave BirdThunder

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