Pokemon-inspired Temtem gets its full release this fall

Temtem launches out of early access later this year on September 6.

Publisher Humble Bundle just announced the release date for the 1.0 version of Temtem earlier today on May 24. Starting later today, you’ll be able to pre-order the final version of Temtem across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, with a pre-order for Nintendo Switch users coming later down the line. You can check out the release date for Temtem 1.0 just below.

When Temtem finally arrives out of early access, it’ll be doing so with a host of new features. There’s the addition of brand new Seasons, for example, as well as the “final island” of Archipelago, and weekly quests which reward players if they fulfil the given objectives.

If you’re unfamiliar with Temtem, it’s been in early access for well over two years now, starting out in early 2020. Billed as a Pokemon-style creature-capturing game, the game rose to popularity fairly quickly on PC, striking a chord with a wide fanbase of players, before arriving on PS5 as a console exclusive later that same year, and Xbox Series X/S later on.

Given that Archipelago has been billed as the “final island” for Temtem’s 1.0 launch later this year, perhaps we shouldn’t expect its development team to add any further locations after this. Temtem has constantly been expanding over the last two years, with a raft of improvements and updates since launch, so it’s understandable if its dev team want to take a step back.

Check out our best Temtem starters guide if you’re looking to get in on the action before version 1.0 arrives in September.

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