PS Plus Premium gameplay debut shows PS1 games running on PS5

Here’s what classic PlayStation games running on the revamped PS Plus subscription service will look like.

Earlier today on May 23, VGC posted the video just below to their YouTube channel, giving an early look at Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee running on a PS5 via the PS Plus service. This is the first time seeing the emulated version of classic PlayStation games in action, ahead of the service’s launch in Europe and North America next month in June.

Throughout the video, we can see various new features implemented in the classic game. There’s save states for example, a feature which wasn’t previously available in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee when it launched over 20 years ago on the original PlayStation, as well as the ability to rewind live gameplay to revisit any particular part of the game.

In actual fact, the PS Plus service is launching for Asian territories tomorrow on May 24. It appears the region has received the service a little earlier than planned however, hence why we’re now seeing the footage of Abe’s Oddysee running in full just above. 

As for everywhere else, PS Plus relaunches in Japan on June 1, North American on June 13, and shortly afterwards for Europe on June 22. The revamped service will launch with several new tiers, and you’ll need to shell out for Premium, the most expensive tier on the service, if you want to bag classic PlayStation titles like Abe’s Oddysee. Head over to our list of all the PS Plus Premium and Extra games confirmed so far for more. 

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