PS5 download history and checking whats downloading

PS5 download history isn’t easily found if you’re not familiar with the PlayStation 5 UI, and checking what you’re downloading is worth doing considering all the different games, updates, system patches and DLC your PS5 might be hoovering off the internet at any one time. This used to be stored in Notifications on the PS4 user interface, but now it’s been moved to a separate part of the console menu, which we’ll outline below, so you can manage all of your downloads and see exactly how long you need to wait until that new game is installed.

How to access your PS5 download history

PS5 Download History

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To access your PS5 download history, tap the PS button at any time to bring up the Control Centre row of icons along the bottom of the screen. Highlight Downloads/Uploads, which is the downward pointing arrow, then press X to show the current download in progress. Here, you can press Options to quickly pause all downloads/uploads, which can help if you’re having network connection quality problems with online games, or press X again to go to your full PS5 download history.

PS5 Download History

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On the Downloads/Uploads screen, you can see all of your ongoing and pending downloads and uploads. Unlike with the PS4, your PS5 will only actively download one game or application at a time, though by highlighting an item in your PS5 download history then pressing X you can choose the option to Start Download/Copy and prioritise it over any other downloads, or Cancel and Delete it entirely if it’s no longer required.

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