PS5 game sharing and how to assign a primary PS5 console

How to assign a primary PS5 console? If you’ve got multiple PlayStation 5s, play on other people’s consoles, or take your PSN accounts with you as you go, it’s useful to know how to set your own PS5 as the primary one – aka, your proper console for all your main experiences. It allows you to share games between accounts, to a certain extent – not a bad idea considering the limited availability of PS5s to begin with. 

That said, it’s not immediately obvious how you set up a primary PS5 to enable the process. To get started you’ll need to head into the Console Sharing and Offline Play options in the menu, so here’s everything you need to know about that and how you can enable PS5 game sharing.

How to set up PS5 game sharing

PS5 Game Sharing

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The good news is that PS5 game sharing is still possible, though the option is a little hidden and the wording has changed somewhat. Now, instead of setting a particular console as your primary PS5, you enable Console Sharing and Offline Play instead. To get started, go though Settings > Users and Accounts > Other and select Console Sharing and Offline Play.

PS5 Game Sharing

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This next screen then lets you activate PS5 game sharing for the console you are currently using, by enabling Console Sharing and Offline Play, though if this was the first PS5 you signed in on then it should already be turned on as standard. Whichever system you enable Console Sharing and Offline Play on, that will be able to run your games without being connected to the internet, though on any other PS5 you’ll need to be signed in online to access your library.

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