PS5 horizontal or vertical placement: How to switch PS5 between orientations

Knowing how to place your PS5 horizontal or vertical is an important bit of info considering that Sony’s newest console is… big, to say the least, and managing how you want to display it can help you conserve space or just fit it more comfortably next to your TV. Before you do this, make sure you have the black plastic base – essential in either position – as well as a thin coin or screwdriver for turning… well, the screw that might be involved. It’s important to do this properly to avoid  So whether you’ve just been able to buy a PS5, or you’re wondering how to switch PS5 between orientations, here’s what you need to know to keep your new machine safe.

How set up a PS5 horizontal position


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As you’ve probably noticed, the design of the PS5 has moved away from the straight lines of previous consoles, and that means there isn’t actually a flat surface to place the PS5 horizontal on – this is true for both models, though it’s more obvious with the prominent disc drive than for the digital version. Either way, you’ll need to attach the supplied base before using your PS5 in the horizontal position.

First, when looking straight upwards along the slope of the base, check that the hooks are roughly in the 10 o’clock position – this should be the default position it comes out of the box, but if not you can rotate the hooks until they click into place. Next, look for the row of PlayStation symbols on the lower rear panel, and align the hooks so that they connect at either end of the row, then firmly press in the base. You can now position the PS5 horizontally, but bear in mind that the base is not solidly attached in this position, so if you try to drag your console and the non-slip pads grip then the base could slide off.

How to set up a PS5 vertical position


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Although there is a flat surface on the side/bottom of the console, it’s narrow and liable to topple over, so to place the PS5 vertical you’ll again need to attach the supplied base. When looking straight upwards along the slope of the base, check that the hooks are aligned in the 12 o’clock position – if not then rotate the hooks until they click into place there.

Flip the base over, and you’ll see a panel has opened to reveal a screw, along with a small recess to hold the screw hole cap. Remove the screw hole cap from the side/bottom of the console, place it in the base recess, then remove the screw. Attach the base to the console, then pass the screw through the central hole and secure it in place – the screw has been designed to be tightened with either a blade/flat head screwdriver, or a coin or similarly shaped item. Once the base is secured, you can safely position your PS5 vertically.

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