PS5 State of Play showcase focused on Gran Turismo 7 coming this week

A new PlayStation State of Play presentation is debuting this week, with a big focus on Gran Turismo 7.

PlayStation announced an imminent State of Play showcase earlier today, scheduled for later this week on February 2. The new presentation will be kicking off at approximately 14:00 PT/17:00 ET/22:00 GMT, and a big focus of the brand new showcase will be the upcoming GT7.

Gran Turismo 7 takes center stage in an all-new State of Play, arriving Wednesday at 2pm Pacific: 31, 2022

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According to the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab), we can expect 30 minutes of brand new gameplay footage for Gran Turismo 7. Additionally, this will be a dedicated PS5 gameplay showcase for the forthcoming racing game from Polyphony Digital, and will undoubtedly be our best look at the racing game to date.

This isn’t the first time PlayStation has dedicated an entire showcase to a single game. Last year, shortly before Deathloop was due to launch on the new-gen console in September, Sony debuted an extensive new presentation on the game, where its inner working were completely broken down for viewers by developer Arkane.

We can pretty comfortably expect this same level of detail with the new GT7-focused showcase later this week. As for Polyphony Digital’s upcoming launch, Gran Turismo 7 will be debuting on PS5 in under two months from now on March 4, and PlayStation announced last year that it’d also be coming to PS4 consoles on the same date. That’s another cross-gen launch for Sony’s consoles.

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