How to disable voice chat on PS5

Knowing how to mute PS5 voice chat and turn off your mic is a very important feature – because without it, you’ll find yourself constantly broadcasting and receiving everything said by anybody with no filter. And if you’ve been on online games for any amount of time, you know that you want at least some control. 

Fortunately it is easy to mute a PS5 controller mic, even if not everyone does and if you want some peace and quiet, here’s how to mute PS5 voice chat and stop everyone talking. 

Whenever this happens in an online multiplayer PS5 games, you’re going to be scrambling to mute the full lobby so you can game in peace. The question is, how do you do that? This guide has all the details on how to mute players on PS5, along with turning off voice chat completely so you can play Destruction AllStars – and other online games – without interruptions.

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  1. Press the PS button on your controller
  2. Press up on the d-pad to go to the first activity card
  3. Press square to mute everyone

It genuinely is that simple. Unfortunately, you need to do it every time you enter a new lobby. It’s only a few button presses though and thanks to the PS5’s much faster UI compared to the PS4, it doesn’t take long to do at all.

How to turn off the PS5 controller speaker

How to mute other players on PS5

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Alternatively, if you want to fix the solution and never have to worry about it again, you can follow this method. The downside is that this disables the speaker on your controller entirely, so you won’t be able to enter party chat with friends, which means it’s only viable if you use another platform like Discord to communicate, or you only ever play solo. It also means other games that utilise the DualSense speaker for things other than voice chat won’t provide that effect.

  1. Press the PS button on your controller
  2. Scroll to the right until you find the Sound option
  3. Press cross and bring the slider for the controller speaker all the way to the left

As long as you mute your own mic then you won’t be broadcasting either, eliminating all voice chat. Just make sure you turn the volume back up if you enter a party with friends.

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