Red Dead Online gang hideout locations: Where to find enemy camps and how to clear them out

Finding all the Red Dead Online gang hideouts is one of the big challenges of Red Dead Online, discovering all the bandits, brigands and highwaymen that strike fear into the inhabitants of the Wild West. These gang hideouts are semi-random clusters of enemies with rewards given for beating them, as well as the chance to alter your morality along the way. We’ve listed all 17 Red Dead Online gang hideouts locations below, including what you can do when you find them. 

That being said, it’s important to recognise that while the locations below are where Red Dead Online gang hideouts can spawn, it doesn’t mean that they will spawn. The chance of one appearing at any of the set location is random, though you can try and force to to appear by riding in and out of the general area, or just leaving and coming back into the server. It’s also important to remember that if you show up and there’s another player in the area, they’ve likely cleared the hideout already. Tough luck there, but if they haven’t, here’s all the Red Dead Online gang hideout locations for you to find.

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How to clear a gang hideout

Generally, it’s always best to keep your distance. Once a hideout pops up on your map, scout the area ahead and try to spot as many enemies as possible before charging in. Most hideouts have a fair amount of cover, so when the bullets do start flying, make sure you throw yourself behind every wall, fence, and rock if things start to get homicidally hairy. As for weapons, we suggest going in with a repeater to strike the best balance between distance and rate of fire. If you choose to go for a more intimate, short range approach, you put yourself in danger of getting killed with a single shotgun blast. 

Once you start your attack, the hideout’s leader will appear on your minimap. Make sure to leave this guy for last so that you have the opportunity to harvest a treasure map from his cowering person/freshly slain corpse. After all the minions are taken care of, you have the choice between sparing or shooting the leader. Go for the latter option, and your Honour level will decrease. 

Regardless of whether you play the outlaw saint or sinner, you have the chance of obtaining a treasure map from the leader. If a map does spawn, it can either be found on the leader’s corpse, or if you spare him, a nearby lockbox (which your Eagle Eye should highlight). Once you have the map, go to your satchel, bring up the documents tab, then click on the scroll to have the treasure’s location scribbled on your world map. 

Red Dead Online gang hideout locations

Baccus Station

Found in the Ambarino area and a little north of Cumberland Forest, you’ll often see a hideout spawn at Bacchus Station, close to the nearby bridge. There isn’t much natural cover in this area, so go in extra carefully, cowboy.

Clemens Point

Venture to the northwest of Rhodes and you’ll find a hideout can spawn in a nearby alcove. Better make sure your online outlaw is rocking their waterproofs.


A camp can normally be found in a small settlement between Spider Grove and Cairn Lake in the Ambarino region. It’s cold up there, so you’d be well advised to pack a change of winter clothes in your trusty steed’s saddlebags.

Cumberland Falls

A hideout will often spawn near this waterfall to the southwest of Valentine. If the camp refuses to spawn, visit Wallace Station for a little while, then return to the falls.

Ewing Basin

Ride around the area to the west of Mount Hagen, and you can usually find a hideout nestled among the snowy hills. Set your marker to the north of Grizzles West, between the ‘G’ and the ‘R’, and you’ll be set.

Fort Mercer

The game’s most infamous fort doesn’t actually house a gang hideout, but one normally spawns a little to the northwest of the fortress Bill Williamson will one day call home.

Hanging Dog Ranch

This hideout appears just north of Little Creek River in the West Elizabeth region of the map. Struggling to make it show? Take a short ride to Wallace Station, then return a few minutes later.

Jorge’s Gap

Found in New Austin, this hideout will usually spawn to the southwest of Armadillo. If it doesn’t pop up at first, visit the nearby town, then head back to the spot between the ‘U’ and ‘S’ in ‘Austin’.


This camp often appears in northern Lemoyne, at the base of the Lagras swamp. Tree cover is thick here, so there’s no need to go in all guns blazing. That said, you should probably keep an eye peeled for the odd rogue gator.

The Loft

Go to the Ambarino region and head to the northeast of the ‘O’. A hideout often spawns in a tiny settlement that lies close to the main trail in this area.

Mount Hagen

This camp normally spawns in the mountains of Grizzlies West. The most common hideout location lies between the ‘I’ and the ‘E’ on your map, where a local mine houses a posse of bad guys just begging for a thorough shooting.

Quaker Cove

Located to the south of Blackwater, this potential spawn point is one of the most compact hideouts in Red Dead Online. It’s little more than a pier and accompanying shack, so you should have no trouble clearing out this camp.

Rattlesnake Hollow

You’ll find this potential spawn point in New Austin, to the northwest of the town of Armadillo. The precise location of the camp often appears just to the west of Twin Rocks.

Sea of Coronado

Found at the most southwesterly point of the entire map, this hideout usually spawns on the banks of the Sea of Coronado. The bad guys often appear on a nearby ridge, meaning they have the high ground. Use the local terrain’s many large rocks for cover as you slowly take out the camp’s outlaws.

Solomon’s Folly

Often located to the south of Benedict Point in New Austin, this camp normally spawns in the hills close to the San Luis River.

Twin Rocks

Close to the Rattlesnake Hollow hideout, this camp can spawn between the unique crags of Twin Rocks. Cover is pretty sparse here, so don’t go in overly gung-ho.

Willard’s Rest

Wander around the area to the northeast of Brandywine Drop (located a few minutes ride from Annesburg) and this hideout should spawn for you.

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