Pokemon Go regionals and every regional Pokemon in the game

Pokemon Go regionals can only be found and caught in certain parts of the world. The reason behind this is to get trainers to travel and explore on a global scale. It’s also a huge reason to actually get involved in Pokemon Go trading.

While trading and actually visiting some of the regions these Pokemon reside in are ways to get them, Niantic has made certain regionals available in Raids, in the wild and during special events like GO Fest to allow Pokemon Go trainers to fill up their Pokedex. 

However, those special events are few and far between so if you’re a trainer looking to complete your Pokedex, you’ll want to get accustomed to the regionals in Pokemon Go and that’s where this guide comes in.

Also, some species like Solrock and Lunatone also change their regions, or migrate, based on the time of year. With that said, here’s everything trainers need to know about region-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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Regional Pokemon Go trading costs

Pokemon Go - Kangaskhan

So maybe you aren’t planning on travelling any time soon but your friend has just got back from a round the world trip. The excellent news is that you can absolutely trade regional exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Here’s how much stardust each trade will cost. 

  • Good friend – 20,000 stardust
  • Great friend – 16,000 stardust
  • Ultra friend – 1600 stardust
  • Best friend – 800 stardust. 

Of course, this does depend on your friendship level to add each others friend codes and share that first gift. As you can see, it absolutely pays to be Ultra or Best friends so holding onto the Pokemon a little longer and building your friendship will definitely save you some stardust.  

Catching region exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go 

Before we get into the specifics, it’s worth noting that regional exclusives in Pokemon Go can arrive on lures and incense, so if you are only going to be in one place and can’t keep an eye on your ‘nearby’ options, consider cracking one or both of these to maximise your chances. 

As ever, to increase your chances of catching without anything fleeing, use Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries, and make sure you are using curveballs and aiming for the smallest possible bullseye. Your Pokedex will thank you. 

Gen 1: How to catch Tauros, Mr Mime, Kangaskhan, and Farfetch’d in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Tauros

  • Tauros – North America 
  • Mr Mime – Europe
  • Kangaskhan – Oceania
  • Farfetch’d – Asia

Gen 2: How to catch Heracross and Corsola in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go - Heracross

  • Heracross – Central/South America including southern areas of Florida
  • Corsola – The Tropics along the equator 

Gen 3: How to catch Torkoal, Zangoose, Seviper, Solrock, Lunatone, Relicanth, Illumise, Volbeat, and Tropius in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go - Zangoose

  • Torkoal – India/South Asia 
  • Zangoose – Currently Europe, Asia, and Australia  
  • Seviper – Currently North America, South America, and Africa
  • Solrock – Currently North America, South America, and Africa
  • Lunatone – Currently Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Relicanth – New Zealand and surrounding areas
  • Illumise – Currently North America, South America, and Africa
  • Volbeat – Currently Europe, Asia, and Australia 
  • Tropius – Africa and surrounding areas

Gen 4: How to catch Pachirisu, Carnivine, Chatot, Shellos, Mime Jr., Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf in Pokemon Go

(Image credit: Niantic)
  • Pachirisu – Alaska/Canada/Russia
  • Shellos – Blue variant found east of the Meridian Line, Pink variant found west
  • Chatot – Southern Hemisphere
  • Carnivine – Southeast U.S
  • Uxie – Currently Asia-Pacific
  • Mesprit – Currently Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and India
  • Azelf – Currently the Americas 
  • Mime Jr. – Europe

Gen 5: How to catch Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Heatmor, Durant, Sigilyph, Throh, Sawk, Basculin, Bouffalant and Maractus in Pokemon Go

(Image credit: Nintendo)
  • Panpour – Americas and Greenland
  • Heatmor – Currently Eastern hemisphere
  • Durant – Currently Western hemisphere
  • Sigilyph – Egypt, Greece
  • Throh – North America, South America, and Africa
  • Sawk – Europe, Asia, and Oceania
  • Basculin (Red Stripe) – Eastern Hemisphere
  • Basculin (Blue Stripe) – Western Hemisphere
  • Maractus – Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
  • Bouffalant – New York City

Gen 6: How to catch Klefki, Oricorio, Comfey and Fabebe in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go regionals

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)
  • Klefki – Certain parts of Europe: France, Luxembourg, east coast UK, southern Belgium, western Switzerland, western Italy, northern Spain, western Germany
  • Flabebe (Yellow Flower) – Americas
  • Flabebe (Blue Flower) – Asia-Pacific
  • Flabebe (Red Flower) – Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Oricorio (Baile Style) – Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style) – Americas
  • Oricorio (Pa’u Style) – African, Asian, Pacific and Caribbean islands
  • Oricorio (Sensu Style) – Asia-Pacific
  • Comfey – Hawaii

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