All Resident Evil 2 medallion locations to escape the Police Station

The Resident Evil 2 medallion puzzles see you using a lion, maiden and unicorn statue to escape the police station. Finding these medallions involves using codes to free them and, once you have them all, you can open the way to freedom/the rest of the game. It’s one of the first big set pieces in the game so don’t worry if you get confused, we’ve got it all covered. 

It’s worth noting that you’re still in the police station we can help you with the Resident Evil 2 key locations should you still need to find them. Once you have the medallions and are ready to leave you also want to make sure you have some essential items. We can help you with how to get the Resident Evil 2 shotgun and grenade launcher, for example, as these are powerful weapons you don’t want to leave behind. We’ve got all the Resident Evil 2 Safe codes and Resident Evil 2 locker codes as well, so you can get all the useful stuff hidden away there. 

So, keep that all in mind, but for now: here’s how to locate the lion, maiden and unicorn statues and medallions you need to escape the police station in Resident Evil 2. 

Where to find the Lion Medallion 

Upon entering the RPD for the first time, you’ll be treated to a linear encounter that sees Leon witness a fellow cop being torn in half. After watching this bloody scene, you’ll obtain a Officer’s Notebook from the cop’s dead body. This notebook provides vital information that will help you decode the mystery surrounding the three medallions. 

Once you’ve safely tucked away the Officer’s Notebook proceed to exit the area. After you’ve spoken with Marvin Branagh, head up to the second floor of the Main Hall and inspect the Lion Statue in front of you. Whip out your trusty Officer’s Notebook and take a look at the symbols drawn below it. Simply enter each symbol in the corresponding order to release the Lion Medallion. 

Lion Statue code: Lion Head, Thistle, Bird.

Where to find the Unicorn Medallion 

Obtaining the Unicorn Medallion requires a bit more effort. From the Main Hall, head down towards the RCPD’s entrance and open the reception’s shutters by using your knife to cut the tape surrounding the door controls. Once open, take the staircase and run up until you reach the third floor. There are a few zombies littered on and around the stairs, so be careful as you climb. You’ll want to head towards the Library and open the south-facing door at the bottom of the room to enter the Lounge. There are quite a few zombies roaming around the Library, so be ready to take care of them should they choose to pursue you. When you’re inside the Lounge, simply interact with the Unicorn Statue and enter the code shown in the Officer’s Notebook.

Unicorn Statue code: Fish, Scorpion, Jug.

Where to find the Maiden Medallion 

The Maiden Medallion is the trickiest of the three to obtain. RPD’s Maiden Statue is located in the West Storage Room behind a gate, but you’ll need to take a few extra steps if you wish to retrieve it. First you’ll need to get the Cutting Tool. This chain chomping item can be obtained after meeting up with Claire. To do this, head to the Fire Escape on the East side of the RPD. After a brief cutscene, you’ll find the Cutting Tool sitting atop a garbage can.

Use the Cutting Tool to open the door and find the Round Handle that is within the East Office. Now that you have the Round Handle, proceed towards the Operations Room. The Operations Room can be found on the West side of level 1F, but you’ll need to use Cutting Tool to enter the room. Pick up the Electronic Gadget and begin making your way towards the Shower Room on level 2F.

Once in the Shower Room, use the the Round Handle on the pipe to turn off the boiling hot steam. You’ll eventually encounter a Licker as you walk down the hallway, so make sure you make as little noise as possible to avoid a grizzly demise. After sneaking past the Licker, enter the S.T.A.R.S Office and take the battery that is on the desk. Combine the battery with the Electronic Gadget to make the Detonator. Now all you need to do is return to the West Storage Room and place the Detonator on the wooden barricade. Find some cover and watch as the barricade is blown to smithereens. Walk up to the Maiden Statue and input the required symbols and claim your prize.

Maiden Statue code: Woman, Bow, Snake. 

Once you’ve released all the medallions, head down to the first floor and place them into the Goddess Statue in the Main Hall. Doing so will open up the secret passageway. 

Resident Evil 2 medallions, 2nd Playthrough

When you begin a second play though you’ll have to get the medallions again to leave the police station but this time things have changed slightly. This time your trusty notebook and the statues themselves are damaged meaning you can’t read the combinations properly. 

You’ll find a page from the notebook as ‘A Scrap of Paper’ in the Watchman’s Room 1F east, while the main notebook itself will be on the sofa in the main hall where Marvin was sitting. 

Unicorn Medallion, 2nd playthrough

The unicorn statue is the easiest as you can at least read two of the three options. The actual code is this: 

Unicorn Statue code: Children, Scales, Snake

Maiden Medallion, 2nd playthrough

The Maiden statue still requires you combine the Electronic Gadget and Battery to make a detonator for the Plastic explosive West Storage Room. Once you’re in you’ll discover that while the code is preserved, the actual statue itself is damage so you’ll have to look carefully as what part parts of the symbols are intact to enter this code: 

Maiden Statue code: Ram, Harp, Bird

Lion Medallion, 2nd playthrough

The Lion Medallion requires a little extra work on the second play through. The code’s completely illegible in the notebook but don’t worry, there is another way.

When you head to the Lounge to get the Unicorn Medallion you should see a yellow box on the table against the wall. Pick it up and examine it to get the ‘Lion Statue’ film inside. Take that to the dark room in the first floor save room and you can develop it to reveal this code: 

Lion Statue code: Crown, Flames, Bird

Again, with all three medallions you can now open up the secret passage and the hell out of the Police Station. 

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