Resident Evil 4 remake release date set for March 24

The Resident Evil 4 remake was officially announced at today’s Sony State of Play event, and it will launch on March 24, 2023. 

The long-rumored remake will launch across PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC – no last-gen versions have been announced. Sony and Capcom say support for PSVR2 is also in development. (The studio also announced PSVR2 support for Resident Evil Village.)

Capcom says in a blog post that this remake will deliver “truly next-gen visuals, modernized gameplay, and a reimagined, deeper storyline while faithfully preserving the essence and maintaining the legacy of the original.”

While we might be seeing plenty of new elements, the gameplay trailer shows a lot of familiar pieces, too, including Leon Kennedy’s iconic encounter in the Ganado village at the start of the game. There look to be quite a few more nighttime scenes than in the original, hinting that there could be a bigger focus on horror.

The remake is being developed in the same RE Engine that has powered all the recent entries in the series.

A remake of Resident Evil 4 has been rumored for ages, and one recent report suggests that some of the new material might draw from ideas that were cut from the original game. Original director Shinji Mikami seems to be okay with any potential plot changes, as he joked in a recent interview that he hoped Capcom could “make the story better,” since he wrote the original in just three weeks.

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