All Resident Evil 7 maps and where to find them

Resident Evil 7 map locations will be an early priority for any player who wants to get to grips with the environment and find out where they are. Resident Evil 7 has quite a few maps spread across the… er, map, and while it’s a bit weird that the Bakers have written up detailed layouts of their own home like they live in the British Museum, we won’t object at the chance to understand our own positioning a little better. Each map reflects a key area and can be used to work out the locations of items and locked doors, so they’re definitely worth grabbing along the way. Here’s how to get all the Resident Evil 7 maps and where to find them.

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Where to find all maps in Resident Evil 7

Appropriately enough, there’s a total of 7 maps to find in Resident Evil 7, and once you have one, it’s a permanent upgrade that can be accessed at any time. It also updates automatically with certain information, marking locks, puzzles and items when you get close enough to them, and removing them once you’ve picked them up or sorted them out.

Below we’ve laid out where to find all seven maps, in order that you’ll likely come across them (and certainly need them).

Guest House

Once you head up the stairs from the basement area, open the dresser drawer in the corridor to find the Guest House map.

Main House

When you exit the crawl space into the laundry room, grab the map from the bench next to the telephone. This map also details the upstairs area, though you won’t be able to get there until later.

Processing Area

Once you’ve gone down the stairs into the basement, go right and follow the corridor around, then pull the sliding divider to one side, and you’ll see the map ahead pinned to some shelves.

Old House

When you enter the Old House, go left, then turn right and through the door. Run through the Guest Room to minimise the impact of the flying insects, then exit at the other end and follow the corridor around to grab the map.

Testing Area

Once you’ve escaped from Lucas’ birthday puzzle (again), enter his safe room and look at the notice board to grab a map of the area.

Wrecked Ship

After climbing the lift and encountering Eveline on the stairs, enter the Captain’s Cabin on 4F and look on the desk for a map of the area.

Swamp / Salt Mine

After defeating the two Fat Men and climbing the ladder out of the mines, grab this final map from the table with the tape recorder on it.

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