Retro Pokemon-like Coromon is coming to Switch this month after very positive Steam reception

Coromon is an indie take on monster-taming RPGs like Pokemon, and after a well-received launch on Steam earlier this year, the game is finally making its way to Switch later this month.

As a newly-christened Battle Researcher, you explore a fantastic world to collect and document creatures known as Coromon. The game throws back to Pokemon’s GBA classics with gorgeous pixel art, but it’s got plenty of its own unique features. There are customizable difficulty options that offer built-in support for fan challenges like Nuzlocke and randomizer runs, as well as a stamina-based battle system and (of course) a fresh roster of over 100 creatures to catch and battle.

Coromon hits Switch on July 21, and will be priced at $19.99, as the developers have confirmed in a press release. The game was previously intended to launch simultaneously across Switch and PC, but the version for Nintendo’s hybrid console suffered a delay ahead of the planned March 31 release. If you already started playing on PC and want to, er, switch, Coromon will support cross-save at launch.

On Steam, players have given Coromon a “very positive” reception, with 85% of user reviews recommending the game. Broadly, players are smitten with the battles and the Potential system, which replaces Pokemon’s confounding EV and IV stats with a clearer set of numbers.

Coromon isn’t the only Pokemon-like on Switch, even if you’re ignoring the series that kicked off the genre. Nexomon and Nexomon: Extinction are straightforward takes on the format available for the console, and Temtem will be bringing its more MMO-like version of the concept to Switch later this year.

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