Rocket League competitor reportedly in development at 2K

A Rocket League rival could be coming from 2K Games, if a new report is to be believed.

The report comes from Exputer (opens in new tab), which claims that the publisher is specifically developing a new game to target the Rocket League audience. This game, apparently called “Gravity Goal,” would have players attempting to hit a ball into an opponent’s goal, while riding atop futuristic motorbikes described as “TRON-like.”

This is a slight twist on the Rocket League formula, where players have been using cars for years to chase opponents around an arena. Just like Rocket League though, Gravity Goal will supposedly have 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 modes, but player’s bikes will apparently be able to lob spinning discs at each other to inflict damage.

Right now, the report claims that there isn’t a firm release date in place for Gravity Goal. However, the outlet claims that 2K put the new venture into alpha late last year, so it’s possible that it could be revealed relatively soon. When it does launch though, it’ll be coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

As for Rocket League, the smash-hit sensation from developer Psyonix has been continuing with new updates over the last few years, recently adding James Bond’s Aston Martin to its car roster late last year, and introducing a brand new season featuring music from Grimes earlier this year. There’s no indication Psyonix is done updating their game, meaning Rocket League and Gravity Goal could be in direct competition.

If you’re looking for a Rocket League-like while waiting for Gravity Goal to be unveiled, you can check out Turbo Golf, which is basically Rocket League’s chaotic cars on a golf course. 

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