Roland Emmerich says Marvel and Star Wars movies are “ruining our industry”

Roland Emmerich isn’t a fan of superhero movies – the director has made it clear that he doesn’t like what Marvel, DC, and Star Wars are doing to the movie industry.

“Because naturally Marvel and DC Comics, and Star Wars have pretty much taken over,” he told Den of Geek (opens in new tab). “It’s ruining our industry a little bit, because nobody does anything original anymore.”

“You should make bold new movies, you know?” Emmerich continued. “And I think, actually, Christopher Nolan is the master of that. He is someone who can make movies about whatever he wants. I have it a little bit harder, but I still have a big enough name – especially when it’s a disaster [movie] or has some sort of disaster theme.”

Emmerich’s next movie, Moonfall, is about exactly what you think it’s about: the moon is knocked from its orbit by an unknown force and starts to fall – and it’s on a collision course with the Earth. Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, and John Bradley star as a pair of astronauts and a conspiracy theorist who work together to try and avert disaster, while Donald Sutherland, Michael Peña, and Charlie Plummer also make up the cast. 

With a budget of over $140 million, Moonfall is one of the most expensive movies of recent years that hasn’t had the backing of a streamer or one of the five major studios.

Along with Moonfall, Emmerich’s decades-long career has resulted in many other sci-fi and end of the world movies, including Indepence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012.

Moonfall arrives on the big screen on February 4. In the meantime, check out our list of the other upcoming movies to get excited about in 2022 and beyond.

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