Roller Champions crossplay

If you’re searching for more details on Roller Champions crossplay, it’s most likely that you want to know if you can play Roller Champions with friends using crossplay. Having cross-platform play enabled means there will be a greater number of skaters available to matchmake with, but it’s always more fun to team up with buddies should the situation allow it. If you want to find out about the opportunities and limitations of the Roller Champions crossplay system, then we’ve got all of the information on how it works.

How to turn on Roller Champions crossplay

Roller Champions crossplay

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Confusingly, although Roller Champions crossplay is supported, it’s disabled by default so you’ll need to turn it on before you can use it. The route for doing this on most platforms is as follows:

Enable Roller Champions crossplay on PC, PS5, and PS4

  • Load the game
  • Follow the prompt on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen
  • Select Settings
  • Move to the Gameplay tab
  • Under the General section at the top, switch Enable Crossplay to On

If you’re playing on Xbox Series X and Xbox One, then there’s a different method to enable Roller Champions crossplay:

Enable Roller Champions crossplay on XSX and XBO

  • Open Settings from the Xbox home screen
  • Under the General section, move to Online safety & family
  • Choose Privacy & online safety, then Xbox privacy
  • Select View details & customize, then Communication & multiplayer
  • Under the “You can join cross-network play” section, switch to Allow

Once you’ve enabled Roller Champions crossplay on your system, you’ll be able to matchmake with other players across all platforms, expanding the pool of teammates to join and opposition to face.

Can you play with friends using Roller Champions crossplay

Roller Champions

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Unfortunately, at the time of writing you can’t use Roller Champions crossplay to play with friends, as you can only send invites to players who are on the same platform as you. To do this, highlight one of the Invite prompts beside your player on the Home screen, then choose your friend(s) from the list to invite them to your team – you can be joined by up to two friends in the standard game mode, though with other modes or limited-time events you may have a different number of players to work with.

According to this video (opens in new tab), there is a workaround for using Roller Champions crossplay to play with friends, though it seems to be based on luck more than anything else. If you both highlight the Skatepark from the Play screen then ready up at exactly the same time, there’s a chance you’ll be dropped into the lobby together and can then continue to play as a team, though you may have to repeat this process lots of times until you get the desired result.

It’s possible that the game will receive a future update allowing players to use Ubisoft Connect to join with friends across platforms, but for the time being at least this can’t be done officially using Roller Champions crossplay.

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