Roots Of Pacha asks What if Stardew Valley was set in the stone age?

Currently still in its alpha build, upcoming game Roots of Pacha shows us what Stardew Valley would be like if you were living as a caveman.

Since its successful Kickstarter campaign (opens in new tab), backers have been able to play an early build of prehistoric farming simulator Roots Of Pacha, and things are looking positive. Going back to absolute basics instead of using an axe or shovel to gather materials, everything must be thought of from scratch or done by using your hands.

While the graphical style and village life appear to borrow heavily from Eric Barone’s break out farming sim Stardew Valley, which in turn took elements from the Harvest Moon series, Roots Of Pacha is clearly trying in ways to carve its own path. There also seems to be cooking involved serving up stews in stone bowls, and rideable mounts such as llamas and a very speedy ostrich.

Not only this but things such as the fishing mini-game and item storage have all changed to match the by hand aesthetic. There is still crafting of course but there is also an emphasis on trading items and secrets with your fellow tribe members. While Stardew Valley mods will let you get machines to do the work for you, Roots Of Pacha goes right back to the beginning. 

Root’s of Pacha’s official website says that it’s “a co-op farming and life simulation game set in the stone age, where you and your clan just settled in a promised and fertile land. By connecting with nature at your own pace you’ll help your clan evolve, develop culture and relationships, and discover the mysteries of Pacha, mother nature.”

No official release date has been given beyond 2022. While the Kickstater estimated a April release, updates have suggested it is likely to be nearer the end of the year.

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