Where to find Sable hoverbike parts for the Ships of Old quest

If you’re stuck looking for Sable hoverbike parts for the Ships of Old quest, we can show you where the control panel, power supply, and atomic calibrator parts are and how to get to them. Sable sees the titular Sable embark on the Gliding – a rite of passage where a young person leaves their village to explore the world on a hoverbike. However, before you can zip across the desert dunes on your hoverbike, you’ll need to gather up the parts to finish building it. This is one of the first major quests you’ll get in Sable, and it will have you exploring several large shipwrecks looking for parts. Here’s where to find the control panel, power supply, and atomic calibrator for Sable’s bike in the Ships of Old quest.

How to complete the Sable Ships of Old quest

Sable ships of old hoverbike parts Sizo in camp tower

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To begin the Ships of Old quest in Sable, you need to have activated Sable’s Gliding Stone and unlocked the hover orb ability. After showing your activated stone to Hilal in the Ibexii Camp, you can then visit Sizo in the camp’s tower who will tell you about the three hoverbike parts you need to find and roughly where to look. She’ll also give you the navigator which you can use to mark waypoints for things you can see in the world. It’s a good idea to mark the three shipwreck locations that Sizo will have just shown you so that you don’t lose them, but you can use our map too.

sable ships of old quest hoverbike parts map

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Sable Atomic Calibrator

Sable ships of old hoverbike parts atomic calibrator shipwreck

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To find the atomic calibrator, head inside the small shipwreck to the west. You’ll need to go around the back to get access to the ship’s interior. Listen to the recording at the control console and then leave the ship. Sable will bump into Saima who will admit that she has hidden the atomic calibrator. Saima will ask Sable to get some beetles to trade for the calibrator, but luckily you don’t have to gather the beetles.

Sable ships of old quest atomic calibrator bike part saima hiding place

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Instead, go back to the camp and ask Jadi about Saima’s hiding place. Jadi will tell Sable about a small cave under the camp. Leave the main camp area and look for the gap between the two large rock formations that the camp is on top of. This gap is near Driss’ workshop, and you’ll also be able to see Saima already standing outside the cave entrance. Head inside and go to the back of the cave to find some green leaves. You need to crouch-walk through these leaves to reach a small nook where Saima has hidden the atomic calibrator. Pick it up and then head back to camp to easily find the next part.

Sable Power Supply

Sable ships of old hoverbike parts climbing wall

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For the power supply, you need to head south of the camp to the shipwreck high up on a tall rock formation. Head around the back of the rock formation, and you’ll find a set of low ledges and a brick wall. Climb up the wall and then follow the path. You’ll need to do a lot more platforming and climbing to reach this hoverbike part, but the path is quite linear and is clearly marked with green vines and leaves.

Sable ships of old hoverbike parts power supply shipwreck

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After going up a spiral staircase, you’ll be able to use Sable’s hover orb to reach another part of the rock formation which has all the crashed ship debris on it, including some glowing, red cables. Head towards the cables and then look inside the large metal pipe nearby. You’ll find the power supply inside.

Sable Control Panel

Sable ships of old hoverbike parts Sable ships of old hoverbike parts dam

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For the control panel hoverbike part, you need to head to the old dam to the east of the Ibexii Camp. Head inside the dam and use the ladders to reach the highest walkway and look for the console at the end. Activating the console will open the dam, allowing you to access the shipwreck inside. Use Sable’s hover orb to reach the dam opening and then head to the shipwreck.

Sable ships of old hoverbike parts dam control panel

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Outside the wreck, you’ll be able to see a glowing, red battery and a glowing, red receiver nearby. Pick up the battery and place it in the receiver to power up the wreck and unlock the door. Head inside and turn left and then left again to find the control panel on a yellow walkway. 

With all three parts gathered, you’re ready to build your hoverbike! Return to Sizo in the camp tower to begin the next step where you’ll add the parts you just scavenged to a hoverbike frame. You’ll end up with a fully functioning hoverbike that Sable can use to begin her Gliding and explore the world.

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