How to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice

Knowing how to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice is essential for players who want to get special crafting materials over and over. But if you’ve slain them once and find yourself wanting to kill them again, it’s perfectly possible – you just need to find out how to get them to reappear. We’ll explain how to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice below, as well as what the perks and limitations of it are.

How to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice explained

Salt and Sacrifice mage farm farming

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To farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice is relatively simple, though not easy. Players can get Mages to come back, but hunting them again is even harder than before, as we’ll lay out. Here’s the process on Mage farming.

  1. After killing a Mage that you want to farm, head back to the Pardoner’s Vale hub area.
  2. Return to the area where you first encountered them.
  3. The Mage will not necessarily be in the exact place you saw them last time, but will be in a random location close to it. 
  4. This means you’ll have to search around that area – it won’t necessarily be that close by, but it’ll certainly be within the same sub-area somewhere.
  5. Once you find it, you can attack the Mage. It won’t have a visible health bar this time, meaning you’ll have to guess or keep a constant track of how damaged it is.
  6. Once it has taken a certain amount of damage, the Mage will teleport to a random nearby location. You can work out the general direction it went by watching the orb of white light it leaves behind and following it.
  7. Find and attack it again, repeating this process until it eventually dies and accruing the crafting materials and rewards it drops.
  8. You can repeat this entire thing by heading back to Pardoner’s Vale and setting the whole thing in motion once more.

This method can be done with any Mage, and without limit. Not only that, but it doesn’t seem like Mages get any stronger as you do this, so players can effectively make Mage farming easier and easier as they level up and increase their power respectively. 

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