Salt and Sacrifice Hideout Key explained

The Salt and Sacrifice Hideout Key is a little secret key you can find while exploring Ashbourne Village – and it’s clearly used for something interesting. The Hideout Key’s description tells you it’s “for secretive folks, dungeon-dwelling smugglers and outlaws”, but exactly where to take it from that alone isn’t clear. After all, secretive folks hardly broadcast their location. Nonetheless, we’ll show you where to take the Hideout Key in Salt and Sacrifice, what it’s used for, and how it ties to the Merchant Raury.

The Salt and Sacrifice Hideout Key explained

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The Salt and Sacrifice Hideout Key is basically used to free Merchant Raury, though finding that door isn’t easy. It’s worth doing though, as once found, Raury moves to the hub area of Pardoner’s Vale and becomes much more easily accessible, as well as opening up a new faction – but we’ll explain that momentarily.

Once you have the Hideout Key, you don’t need to leave the Ashbourne Village area. Instead, take the following steps:

  1. Kill two mages in Ashbourne Village
  2. Go to Greymoss Mire in the East (requires Grappling Hook)
  3. In the bottom-left corner of Greymoss Mire is access to Craterstone Mines.
  4. At the bottom of the steps in Craterstone Mines is a door on the left that can only be opened by the Hideout Key. There’s a chest on a platform above it, just so you can be sure.
  5. Open the door and speak to Merchant Raury within, who totally isn’t Patches from the SoulsBorne games, we promise.
  6. Select “Yes” when asked “would you call yourself an ally to the less than law abiding?
  7. Raury says he will return to Pardoner’s Vale. You can find him in the caves in the lower section of that area when you return.

Raury himself is in the caves East of the Cooperation Board in Pardoner’s Vale. Once you go inside, immediately drop down the ledge ahead of you and head to the left until you find him in a dead end. Raury introduces himself as a Spice Merchant and Blueheart Runner, saying he can reward you for killing Hazeburnt Husks – enemies in other player’s games in a special PvPvE mode, triggered by the Blue Candle you can buy from him for 100 Silver. Complete these games to collect Blueheart Tokens, which you can spend at Raury’s shop for special armor and weapons.

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