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The Salt and Sacrifice Pale Candle is a very useful item for those who want to engage with multiplayer PvE. It’s a simple, multiple-use item that allows players to join other players – or inquisitors – and help them with their own struggles and challenges. Fun! Assuming you don’t get turned into rice pudding. Either way, we’ll show you how to play using them below, and how you can get the Pale Candle in Salt and Sacrifice for multiplayer fun.

How to get the Pale Candle in Salt and Sacrifice

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To get the Pale Candle in Salt and Sacrifice, players need to engage with an NPC called Sunlight Knight Beatrice finding her and moving her to the hub area to begin with. To get Beatrice and Pale Candle, players should take the following steps:

  1. Head to Ashbourne Village after defeating your first named mage. 
  2. Go right from the Ashbourne Village Obelisk and take the lower path downwards until you reach a door (which should unlock now that you’ve killed a mage).
  3. Head inside and down the ladder, then take the left-hand path to Greymoss Mire.
  4. When you see the wooden platform, climb all the way to the top, then use your grappling hook to swing to the western ledge and speak to Beatrice.
  5. When Beatrice asks if “your heart is bright like the dawn”, tell her yes. We have no idea what it means, but it sounds good. 
  6. Beatrice will then say that she’s moving to Pardoner’s Vale. Head back there from the nearest Obelisk. 
  7. Beatrice is in a little hut just down and under the right-hand stairs from the cat sitting on the barrel.
  8. Speak to her inside, and she’ll welcome you to the Dawnlight Order and grant you the Pale Candle!

Players can then use the Pale Candle to join players who need help in quickplay cooperation, rather than having to set it up manually via the Cooperation Board. Any player who utilises a Golden Candle can be joined by anybody who triggers a Pale Candle – at which point they enter the Golden player’s game and help them beat enemies and bosses accordingly. It’s a quick, random way to help other people. 

Not only that, but those who help others beat a boss in this way get a Dawnlight Token, a special currency that can be spent at Sunlight Knight Beatrice’s shop for unique items, armor and weapons – generally the heavy, tanky sort.

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