How Sea of Thieves Siren Shrines work, and how to find and loot them

The new Sea of Thieves Siren Shrines are full of loot to plunder, containing a vast treasure troves of Coral things for your crew to gather. With the start of Season 4 of Sea of Thieves, the Sunken Kingdom of the Sirens has opened, and six new Siren Shrines have been discovered. These are new underwater locations that you’ll need to access by sailing to them and diving down. You’ll be solving puzzles, platforming, and defeating enemies to get at the most precious loot in these Shrines. Here’s everything you need to know about Siren Shrines and how to loot them.

What are Sea of Thieves Siren Shrines and what loot do they have?

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New for Season 4 of Sea of Thieves, Siren Shrines are underwater points-of-interest that contain lots of loot locked behind tricky puzzles and dangerous foes. They are always visible on your ship’s map, and your crew can dive down to any shrine and get its loot at any time – you don’t need a key, quest, or other item to get access. In the shrines, you’ll be using Mermaid Statues to store any loot you find and eventually send it up to the surface – more on those below – for you to load on to your ship. Be aware that while you’re below the waves in a shrine, your ship will be completely vulnerable if left unattended, ready for any rival pirate crews to snatch the loot you might have loaded on deck.

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Siren Shrines contain a new ‘Coral’ variation of existing loot. You’ll be able to find Coral Chests and Coral trinket items, Coral Skulls, and Coral Merchant coffers within the shrines, so there’s something for every Trading Company to have. Of course, you’ll also be able to find plenty of Siren Gems in the shrines which can be sold to anyone. From the shrines we’ve run, we’ve managed to get the highly valuable Chests of Ancient Tributes from the final areas of each shrine and well over 20 other items, so they are well worth doing. Make sure you become a Sea of Thieves Emissary to increase your gold gains as you cash in your Siren Shrine loot.

sea of thieves siren shrine breath of the sea voyage

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You can also find Coral Messages in Bottles as you sail on the Sea of Thieves. These voyages will tell you to head to a particular Siren Shrine where you’ll be able to loot a new item called the Breath of the Sea, which looks like a mystical potion, although you can’t drink it. Much like Mermaid and Siren Gems, the Breath of the Sea comes in Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby varieties worth 4,000, 6,000, and 8,000 gold respectively. Like the gems, Breath of the Sea can be sold to any Trading Company. If you’re able to find and read the five lore books in each shrine, you’ll also gain access to a special quest from Larinna – she’s found outside every outpost tavern – where you’ll be able to unlock even more shrine loot.

How to find and get to Sea of Thieves Siren Shrines

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There are six of these Siren Shrines dotted around the Sea of Thieves, and each region, except for the Devil’s Roar, contains two shrines each.

  • Shrine of Flooded Embrace – N12 in The Wilds: Near Shipwreck Bay, The Crooked Masts, and Dagger Tooth Outpost.
  • Shrine of Hungering – Q5 in The Wilds: Near Shark Fin Camp, Marauder’s Arch, and Galleon’s Grave Outpost
  • Shrine of Tribute – G18 in The Ancient Isles: Near Old Salts Atoll, Shark Bait Cove, and Plunder Outpost
  • Shrine of Ancient Tears – N20 in The Ancient Isles: Near Thieves’ Haven, Mutineer Rock, and Plunder Outpost
  • Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune – D14 in The Shores of Plenty: Near Mermaid’s Hideaway, Sailor’s Knot Stronghold, and Golden Sands Outpost
  • Shrine of the Coral Tomb – H5 in The Shores of Plenty: Near Salty Sands, Lone Cove, and Sanctuary Outpost

sea of thieves siren shrine purple glowing wisps

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When you get near the location of a shrine, you need to keep an eye out for glowing, purple wisps rising in a spiral above the water. Directly below, you’ll notice the same wisps spiralling down like a funnel towards the sea floor. To get to a shrine, you’ll need to dive all the way down this funnel. All the shrines are very deep down, but staying roughly within the well-lit areas of the sea floor will massively extend how long you can hold your breath. Some shrines will have bubble streams which you can swim into to replenish your air supply. Bring some bananas just in case though.

Once you’re at the sea floor your chosen shrine, you’ll need to look for a way in. All six shrines are quite unique, so you’ll have to look for a particular entrance for each one. The Shrine of Ancient Tears requires you to shoot a bright bit of coral at the corner of a barrier to bring it down, while the Shrine of Hungering is accessed through a tunnel full of sharks. Look around and communicate with your crew to let them know if you or someone else has found the entrance.

How to complete a Sea of Thieves Siren Shrine

sea of thieves siren shrine chest of ancient tributes

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Once you’re inside your chosen Siren Shrine, you’ll have to explore it and solve puzzles to unlock loot as you go. These shrines are broken down into different sections, each having its own loot with the best stuff being in the final section. Each Siren Shrine is tackled in a unique way. For example, the Shrine of Ancient Tears, has lots of puzzles involving pressure plates, braziers, and timed levers across multiple rooms. Meanwhile the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune is entirely based around platforming, and requires players to use pulleys, capstans, and wheels to raise, lower, and rotate masts and platforms to climb up the shrine, with the best loot being right at the very top.

You’ll likely encounter Coral Skeletons and Ocean Crawlers guarding the shrines, so make sure you come prepared with food and ammo, although you will be able to find some in barrels and ammo boxes in the shrines.

sea of thieves siren shrine mermaid statue

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As you navigate through a shrine and solve its puzzles, you need to store any loot at Mermaid Statues. To store something, you need to be holding an item – a chest for example – and must go to the statue and follow the prompt to store it. These statues can hold up to 20 items of loot for your crew. A statue shares its inventory with every other statue in a shrine, so you can only ever store up to 20 items at once. You can also get the statue to drop all stored loot by following the button prompt to ‘Collect Treasure’.

To maximize the amount of loot you can store in one Mermaid Statue, you need to make sure you put any small trinket items, gems, or skulls into any Treasure Chests you find. Each of those small trinket items takes up one slot, but storing three trinkets in a single Treasure Chest and handing that to a statue will still only count as one slot, allowing you to hold four items, including the Treasure Chest itself, for the space of one.

sea of thieves siren shrine mermaid

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If you’ve filled up a statue, you should then use it to return to your ship, exactly like a regular mermaid. Once you’re back on deck, you’ll be able to spot a mermaid floating in the middle of the purple funnel on the water’s surface. Go up to it and follow the button prompt to collect your treasure. The mermaid will swim away, and all your stored loot will suddenly float to the surface, ready for you to load it onto your ship. This loot will float for longer than usual, so you don’t have to worry about it sinking again. It’s a good idea to have your ship positioned so that you can use a harpoon to quickly grapple the loot onboard. Furthermore, never anchor your ship on top of the purple funnel as this will cause the Mermaid that you need to retrieve your stored loot to appear very far away.

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