Seems like Halo Infinite could see the return of classic, fan-favourite maps

A senior Halo Infinite developer has hinted that classic maps could be added to the game.

Comments from a recent interview have reignited hopes that beloved maps from classic Halo games could be making their way to Halo Infinite. In episode 90 of the Kinda Funny Xcast (opens in new tab), 343 Industries’ Head of Creative, Joseph Staten, was asked why the developer hasn’t brought back maps from the old games to act as a ‘buffer’ between Halo Infinite’s content updates. “That’s a good idea, Parris,” replies an amused looking Staten.

“I can talk about some things, but I can’t talk about other things,” continues Staten. “There are some great Halo maps. I think we all have our personal favourite. Guardian, Blood Gulch, The Pit… there are a lot of maps that are awesome, right? I think it would be awesome to play on those maps again, don’t you guys? That sounds like a fun thing. I’ll mark that in my little notebook.” 

Of course, it’s purely speculation at this point, but Staten’s response seems to suggest that something is in the works regarding the series’ older maps and Halo Infinite. And if they do end up getting added, it might not be for some time, as they’ll likely need to be reworked to fit with Master Chief’s most recent outing. 

Halo Infinite was initially delayed by a year because 343 wasn’t “proud” of it. And the game’s multiplayer could have been very different, with reports suggesting it started out as an Overwatch clone

Lone Wolves adds new maps and modes to the multiplayer mix. Here’s everything you need to know about Halo Infinite Season 2.

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