Several former Crackdown 3 leads are working on a new Xbox Game Studios project

Former Crackdown 3 devs are seemingly working on a brand new project.

As first reported by Tech4Gamers (opens in new tab), it seems as though several key developers of Crackdown 3 have moved on to work on a brand new project under Xbox Game Studios. James Goddard (opens in new tab), Mark Simon (opens in new tab), and Dave McCrate (opens in new tab) have all been listed as working on a new project at Xbox Game Studios, as per their LinkedIn profiles.

Some of those developers have been working on the mysterious new project for nearly three years now. Goddard, who was a design director on Crackdown 3 at Xbox Game Studios, has been listed as working on the new project since September 2019, while Simon and McCrate have been associated with the new venture since 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Right now however, there’s zero information to go on surrounding the enigmatic new game in development at Xbox Game Studios. The report from Tech4Gamers speculates that a brand new Crackdown game could be in development from the former Crackdown 3 leads, but this is all speculation as of right now, and considering the time it took to actually launch Crackdown 3, it seems unlikely.

As for what we do know is coming further down the line from developers similarly working under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, it’s a considerable list. We’ve got the likes of Arkane’s vampiric shooter Redfall to look forward to later this year, as well as the esteemed Fable 4 reboot further off on the horizon. There’s also the likes of State of Decay 3 and the Perfect Dark reboot in the years to come.

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