Sifu breaks down its new difficulty settings in a new video

Sifu developer Sloclap has dropped a new trailer to tell us more about its new upcoming difficulty options. 

Sifu developer Sloclap told an industry accessibility advocate back in February that the studio is committed to bringing new accessibility features (opens in new tab) to the fighting game, including difficulty modes, and earlier this week we learned that from May 3, “Student”, “Disciple”, and “Master” difficulty options (opens in new tab) will be making their debut the same day as a new training mode. Players who own the standard edition and deluxe versions of the game will each receive a new outfit, too.

Now we get to see exactly how the new settings will work in practice with this new teaser video:

“The first Sifu content update is coming on May 3 2022 and it brings a new difficulty setting feature!” Sloclap explained in a brief video description. “Are you a student, a disciple, or the ultimate Pak Mei master? Find out on May 3!” 

The video exemplifies that people wanting to stick with the original difficulty track can play as Disciple, whilst those selecting Student will get a “more forgiving but still challenging” experience. Master, of course, makes everything that bit more complicated even for veteran fighters.

Not sure what to think of Sifu just yet? Well, check out GamesRadar+’s Sifu review (opens in new tab)

“Sifu’s combat isn’t just fun, it’s satisfying and addictive, it’s nuanced and intuitive, it oozes charisma and it’s damn challenging – all the while powered, for the most part, by just four buttons: light attack, strong attack, block and dodge,” we said, awarding the game 4.5 stars out of 5.

“Still, players can expect to unleash over 150 moves through a variety of combos – many of which harness the special abilities noted earlier, some of which involve activating a range of slow-motion, limb-targeting Focus Attacks – while making use of environmental weapons such as wooden staffs, table legs, bricks, bottles, baseball bats, katanas, and malleable iron pipes to name but a few of the tools at your disposal.”

Sifu is out right now on PC as well as a PlayStation console exclusive on both PS4 and PS5 (opens in new tab). Sifu has been beaten in just 40 minutes with zero deaths by one expert player (opens in new tab) but if you’re not quite that tough yet, take a look at our Sifu tips (opens in new tab) if you’d like to try a speedrun of your own.

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