Sifu easy mode update is out now

A Sifu easy mode update has been one of the most requested features for the game post-launch, and the good news is that it has now arrived with the Spring 2022 update. This patch adds a choice of three difficulty levels, which means if you’ve been struggling to get past a certain point in the story up until now then you may finally be able to move on with your adventure. Conversely, if you’re of the opinion that players should simply “git gud” or you’re looking for an extra challenge, you can bump the difficulty up to a higher level to prove you’re the ultimate Pak Mei master. Whatever your approach, here’s what you need to know about the Sifu easy mode update and how to use the new difficulty levels.

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How to activate Sifu easy mode

Sifu difficulty options

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Thanks to the Spring 2022 update, Sifu easy mode is now available as part of the new difficulty options. You can adjust the difficulty when starting a new game, or via the Options menu but only at specific points – to lower the difficulty during a playthrough in progress you must be back at the Wuguan between levels, but you’ll need to start a completely new game if you want to increase it.

Student difficulty is the Sifu easy mode, where you’ll face less aggressive enemies with lower health who use basic combos, while you have greater health and will age slower when dying. Disciple is the classic Sifu difficulty, while those who want an even tougher challenge can opt for Master difficulty, which leaves you more vulnerable while enemies demonstrate a higher level of aggression and bosses have new attack patterns to make them less predictable.

Can you make Sifu easier in other ways


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If the Sifu easy mode update isn’t enough, there are a couple of other tricks you can use to help you make progress. Although these won’t make the combat any easier, you can exploit aspects of the Sifu age system and autosaves to keep your age as low as possible.

Sifu easy mode update

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Once you’ve finished an encounter, look for the three swirling dots in the bottom right corner of the screen as highlighted, indicating the game is autosaving. This means that if you quit the game, you’ll return to this location until you reach the next checkpoint marked by the same indicator. However, the game also records any deaths and age advances after this point, meaning if you die a few times then quit you’ll return to this location but at your older age when you resume.

Sifu easy mode update

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There are two methods to exploit this, and retain your younger age. The first is to quickly pause the game if you’re about to be defeated then quit, which will allow you to restart the encounter at your original age – crucially you must pause and quit before you die otherwise the death will register on your save.

The second method involves entirely exiting the game at a certain point, say midway through a level or at the start of a boss fight, then manually backing up your save file. Return to the game, and if you die too many times during the next section you can quit and copy your previous save file back in, then try again from the original resume point and age. On PS4, this can be done with a USB stick for speed or via the PS+ cloud, but on PS5 your only option is the PS+ cloud so you need to have an active subscription to try this.

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