Sifu speedrun takes just 40 minutes with no deaths

Sifu has been beaten in just 40 minutes with zero deaths by one expert player. 

Just below, you can see a new video from YouTuber Dan Allen, who’s pulled off the impressive feat. The full 40-minute video shows Allen speedrunning his way from the very start of SloClap’s new game, right the way through to the very end, pummelling every enemy and boss encounter that he comes across.

This is one hell of a feat from Allen. Sifu has the player character age every time they meet their untimely demise, advancing in years and also strength, while losing a portion of their health. Allen’s managed to make it through Sifu here at age 20, the starting age that all new Sifu players automatically begin at.

Despite maintaining an increased health bar, Allen does take a fair few knocks throughout his Sifu speedrun. The new Kung Fu brawler is tough as nails, especially in the boss fights, where the player has to defeat five Kung Fu masters that murdered their master in the decades prior to the game beginning.

Sifu is out right now on PC as well as a PlayStation console exclusive on both PS4 and PS5. For why we rewarded SloClap’s brand new action-packed game with a lofty 4.5/5 stars, writing that it’s a “gorgeous, original and intelligent brawler,” you can head over to our full Sifu review. You can also take a look at our Sifu tips if you’d like to try a speedrun of your own.

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